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IDAC Mission and Values

USM Intercultural and Diversity Advisory Council Mission and Values

(final revisions September 2015)

intercultural (adjective): Of, relating to, involving, or representing different cultures
diversity (noun): A variety or assortment


Embracing and honoring diversity are primary values of the University of Southern Maine; the Intercultural and Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC) brings voice to matters of diversity defined in its broadest sense. The IDAC is composed of faculty, staff, and students representing all academic and co-curricular units across the three campuses. Its purpose is to offer counsel and advice to, and to facilitate collaborative programming for, the institution around issues and policies of difference, diversity, and interculturalism.

Statement of Values

The University of Southern Maine recognizes the complexity of our identities and adopts the ideology that we embrace, include and accord all groups equitable political and social status.  Therefore, the University of Southern Maine is committed to:

  • Providing equal access to education for all students.
  • The active examination or privilege,  and of diverse ideas and perspectives.
  • Respecting, encouraging and fostering cultural and ethnic differences that lead to a dynamic sustainable academic society.
  • Investigating and implementing strategies that create and sustain innovative and intercultural structures, policies and practices.
  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff and student body.


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