Office of the President

The Case for a Name Change

Last fall, USM engaged two firms to conduct an extensive market research study exploring the impact of changing our name to the University of Maine at Portland.

The reasons for considering a name change are numerous, including better alignment with the rest of the University of Maine System. At the top of the list, however, is that the number of high school graduates in Maine has been dropping precipitously. Our future ability to provide Maine students with increased scholarships and support, and provide all three of our campuses with revenue for facilities and programs, will depend on our ability to recruit more out-of-state students.

Our success in recruiting out-of-state students is also critically important to Maine employers who are in dire need of more college graduates to fill essential jobs that will grow our economy.

The findings from the market research were clear: Changing our name to the University of Maine at Portland would significantly move the needle in attracting out-of-state students. We are now moving forward in securing approval of the University of Maine System Board of Trustees and then, next year, the State Legislature.



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