Office of the President

Nine Goals for USM

During President Cummings' inaugural Opening Breakfast speech to the University on August 27, 2015, he outlined nine goals that USM will pursue over the next five years. The goals, listed below, are ambitious, yet achievable and will ensure the university maintains its academic excellence, dedication to students, high-level engagement with our communities, and financial stability far into the future.

  1. USM will be known for academic excellence with real-world experiences as a core part of its academic program. 
    • As of August 2015: 39 USM programs offer internship opportunities
    • As of May 2017: 50 USM programs offer internship opportunities
  2. 80% of our students will state that at least one individual (staff or faculty) knows them well, supports them, and believes in them. 
    • As of August 2015: NSSE, 41.4% of USM seniors feel connected
    • As of May 2017: NSSE, 43% USM seniors feel connected
  3. 72% of our students will remain at USM between each school year. 
    • As of August 2015: IPEDS, 63% retention rate
    • As of May 2017: IPEDS, 65.7% retention rate
  4. 10% of our alumni will give to USM annually.
    • As of August 2015: 1.46% of alumni give to USM
    • As of May 2017: 3% of alumni give to USM
  5. The USM Foundation will raise $50 million in scholarships, infrastructure, and investments for our students.
    • As of August 2015: The USM Foundation raised $17 million
    • As of May 2017: The USM Foundation raised $25 million
  6. USM headcount enrollment will reach 10,000.
    • As of August 2015: IPEDS, 7700 students enrolled
    • As of May 2017: IPEDS, 7855 students enrolled
  7. USM will be designated as a 'Great Colleges to Work For®'.
  8. 80% will recommend USM to others.
    • As of August 2015: Post-grad survey, 61% recommend USM
    • As of May 2017: Post-grad survey, 68% recommend USM
  9. USM will establish a sustainable financial model by attaining industry standards attributable to a financially healthy institution.