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October 6, 2014: USM Communication to students & USM Communication to Faculty and Staff

USM Communication to students 10.6.14

USM Communication to Faculty and Staff by Provost McDonnell 10.6.14

October 6, 2014: USM Currents: President Flanagan meets with Mayors and speaks at Eggs & Issues

USM Currents

October 1, 2014: Chancellor Page and President Flanagan present at the Portland Community Chamber of Commerce's Eggs & Issues

President Flanagan's speech


September 26, 2014: USM Communication

USM Will Meet Its Challenges

September 22, 2014: President Flanagan presents at the UMS Board of Trustees meeting in Fort Kent

Board of Trustees Presentation

September 12, 2014: President Flanagan on WMPG


September 11, 2014: USM President David Flanagan spoke at Corporate Partners


Video by CTN 5

September 8, 2014: USM Currents: President Flanagan meets with Maine Legislators

USM Currents Communication 9.9.14

September 8, 2014: Off Campus: USM will survive and prosper by becoming a 'metropolitan' university, David T. Flanagan

Portland Press Herald

August 28, 2014: President Flanagan and Provost Joseph McDonnell's remarks presented at the annual USM Opening Breakfast for all faculty and staff

USM Opening Breakfast

August 20, 2014: USM Communication

President Flanagan Announces USM's New President's Council

August 18, 2014: USM President Dave Flanagan on WCSH/207


August 14, 2014: USM Communication

National Resource Center moving to Northwestern University

August 11, 2014: USM Currents

USM Currents Communication 8.11.14

August 9, 2014: WGAN hosts President Flanagan live


August 8, 2014: USM Communication

My first meeting with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee

July 28, 2014: President Flanagan: Off Campus: USM late in responding to changing world

Portland Press Herald

July 24, 2014: President Flanagan spoke live on WVOM: The Voice of Maine


July 23, 2014: David Flanagan Appointed President of the University of Southern Maine