Office for Prior Learning Assessment

Academic Portfolio Assessment - Faculty Evaluation Webform

This portfolio evaluation webform should be used regardless of the way in which a portfolio is prepared (video, performance-based, oral, or written). The submission of this webform authorizes the Office for Prior Learning Assessment to post academic credits for the course identified herein. A separate webform should be submitted for each course for which a student is requesting to earn credit.  This form is for PLA office use only. Students do not receive a copy of this form.

Accepted portfolios must meet all relevant learning outcomes and applicable standards of college-level writing at a C- level (70%) or higher.

Questions regarding this form can be directed to the Office for Prior Learning Assessment at 207-780-4663 or

Please include the full course number and title (i.e. GEL 1XX - General Elective Credit).
Please indicate how many credits the student is earning for this particular course.
The evaluator has fully reviewed the student portfolio and has made the following decision: