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NYU Language Exams

New York University (NYU) language exams offer opportunities to test in over fifty languages. NYU exams test for listening, reading, and speaking, and do not require knowledge of technical terms or specialized vocabulary.   

All NYU Language exams are scored based on points.  USM credits are awarded using the following equivalencies:

Exam Number of Points Credits Awarded
4 point 0-4 NO CREDIT
12 or 16 point 5-7  LAN 1XX (4 credits)* 
12 or 16 point         8-12 LAN 2XX (8 credits)*        
16 point 13-16 LAN 3XX (8 credits)*

*If a student passes the exam in a language USM offers, then the three-letter prefix for the language will be used instead of LAN. (For example, passing the NYU French exam at the 5-7 point level will result in 4 credits of FRE 1XX.)

Please Note:  USM students can earn a maximum of 8 credits per level (100, 200, 300) by exam for each language. 

Registering for Online NYU Language Exams

Many NYU Language exams are only given and proctored online directly through NYU.  To see a list of online language exams and register for one follow this link and click on Language Proficiency Testing (ONLINE). 

Registering for NYU Language Exams Live Proctored at USM

NYU exams that require live proctoring at USM require a minimum of two weeks notice for scheduling.  For a full list of language exams including both live proctored and online only click this link. Online only exams are noted as online in the description all other exams currently need to be live proctored.

  1. Complete the USM registration form. This form is emailed directly to our Testing Associate who can provide you with a written letter on USM letterhead agreeing to serve as a proctor (this is a required part of the application packet NYU requires).  The Testing Coordinator will also contact you to set up the exam once NYU has mailed it to USM. 

  2. Follow the instructions for "Requesting an Off-Site Exam" at the NYU School of Professional Studies webpage. NYU mails the exam back to USM after having received a completed application packet.  NYU mails the exam back to USM after having received a completed application packet.  Fees for NYU language exams total between $400 and $600, depending on the exam.

  3. When you come in for your exam at USM, you must:

    • Bring $30 for the test administration fee if you have not already paid it (the Testing Associate can accept checks, exact cash, or credit cards).

    • Have your valid and current driver’s license, passport or other government-issued identification that includes your photograph and signature. You will be asked to show this identification to be admitted to the testing area.


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