Office for Prior Learning Assessment

UMF PLA Posting Policy

The University of Southern Maine Prior Learning Assessment office (USM PLA) supports University of Maine at Farmington students in the following ways: 

  • Posting general elective credit based on qualified licenses, certifications, and other credentials that represent learning comparable to that encountered in the college classroom. Students wishing to have credentials reviewed through USM PLA should first contact Carla Degraw, the UMF Registrar.
  • Facilitating and guiding students through the academic portfolio process when students have been specifically approved by UMF faculty and the UMF Registrar.

USM PLA can not post credits directly from regionally non-accredited transcripts.  All credits posted for transfer to UMF must be approved by the UMF Registrar and the appropriate UMF faculty department.

UMF students who want to learn more about USM PLA should view the PLA website.

USM PLA Staff can be contacted at:

Rusty Dolleman, Director
(207) 780-5909 

Kristi Hertlein, Prior Learning Assessment Associate
(207) 780-4663