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Chanterelle Shares Her Experience with USM Professional Development

Chanterelle Atkins shares her experience taking a Professional Development Program certification course at the University of Southern Maine (USM). USM offers comprehensive training and professional development opportunities that are designed to be focused and immediately applicable in the workplace.

Affiliate Highlight

“PDA is thrilled to have an affiliate with USM’s Professional Development Program. The program brings value in our business by providing continuing education for our emerging leaders, current leadership and employees just wanting to enhance their skillset. The variety of courses and certificates offered provides our employees with more knowledge and ability to apply or enhance their skillsets which aids us in our ability to keep our employees fresh, motivated, engaged, and more effective. Providing employees with an opportunity to be in a classroom setting using real business examples has proven successful with growth and development of the staff. Happy employees fosters a positive culture, which in turn, has a positive impact to our customers.”

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