Property Management

Lost & Found Procedures

In order to provide consistency in the handling of lost items, Property Management and Public Safety are providing the following guidelines:

  • All items found should be tagged with the date and location found and brought to the building's administrative or main office, if applicable. 
  • Any valuable items such as cash, wallets, jewelry, and electronics should be turned over to USM Public Safety on the Portland or Gorham campuses.
  • Call Public Safety at 780-5211 to request a pick-up, or hand deliver the items.
    • Gorham location: 28 Husky Drive, adjacent to Parking Lot G-20
    • Portland location: 1st floor of the Sullivan Gym
  • PLEASE DO NOT drop off items to Police & Safety when no one is present.
  • Public Safety will make every effort to locate the owners if items found contain personal information. 
  • All items will be held at Public Safety for a minimum of 30 days from their "found date," after which they will be transferred to Property Management for disposal.
  • Low-value items such as clothing and books may be held in the individual buildings in a Lost & Found box. After 30 days they can then be transferred to Property Management.
  • In the event that cash is found, the "finder," or individual who initially brings it into Public Safety, may keep it if it remains unclaimed after 30 days of turning it in.