Property Management

USM Surplus Store Hours & Directions

We are open the following regular hours: 

  • Tuesdays            3 pm - 6 pm 
  • Fridays               12 pm - 3 pm 

If you are unable to visit the store during open hours, please contact Emily at or 780-5547 to set up an appointment between 9 am and 6 pm. 


Directions to the Surplus Store:

We are located on the lower level of the Sullivan Recreation & Fitness Complex at USM.

Our address is 66 Falmouth St, Portland ME, but please note that the entrance to the Surplus Store is NOT the main entrance to the gym; it's around to the right of the building if you are looking at it head on. 

Long-term parking for the public is available at metered and non-metered parallel spots along Falmouth Street. Short-term parking (ie for picking up large items) is available just outside of the store, accessible from Durham Street. If you are looking at main entrance of the gym head on, walk around to the right side on the paved path. You will see signs that say Surplus Store and Property Management. 

Simplified Map:

Map to Surplus Store