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The USM Free Store


The USM Free Store is in Lower Brooks Student Center next to the Sodexo seating lounge. 

What is the Free Store?

The FreeStore is an organized location that provides free clothing, dorm and household items like shower caddies and cleaning supplies, books, movies, gadgets, accessories, school supplies, and more - right on the USM campus and it's all FREE.

Why visit the Free Store?

  1. Save money.
  2. Reduce waste.
  3. Social justice! Refuse to support the companies that sell products from countries with unethical treatment of factory workers.
  4. Create less air and water pollution than what would be generated by making a new item or landfilling/recycling. 

When you visit the FreeStore you can feel good about taking action that helps prevent the over-consumption of products. By reusing perfectly intact items you are not only following the waste hierarchy but contributing to a cleaner environment.

Annual Free Yard-Sale 

The USM Office of Sustainability also holds an annual free yard sale during Welcome Weekend when students are moving in. Forget a shower caddy or shoe organizer? Find it at the free yard sale. 

Where do all the items for the Free Store and Annual Free Yard-Sale come from? 

A majority of the items are collected during Mindful Move-Out.  Other items are donated throughout the year by individuals or offices around campus. 


Fall 2022 Hours:

  •  Monday 9-12
  • Tuesday 9-12
  • Wednesday 9-12
  • Thursday 11-4

TBD (Thank you for your patience as we recruit and train workers to get the store running this semester)

*Please note that during times when the Freestore is technically closed, but the Food Pantry is open, customers may still take Freestore iems by checking in with the Food Pantry worker.

Visit our Facebook (@usmecoreps) or Instagram (@sustainability_usm) for additional hours. 


Contact Information:

Email us! 

Staff Support 

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