Professional Staff Senate

Senate Elections


  • The Professional Staff Senate is open to all represented and non-represented Professional Staff at USM including UMaine System employees working at USM.  
  • The Senate consists of up to 20 Senators.
  • Senators are elected to serve a 2-year term and may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms.  

Senator Nominations & Elections

Please check back in early May 2019 for detaild instructions about the nomination and election process.

  • A call for nominations occurs annually in early May.  
  • Professional Staff will be notified of the call for nominations on the Senate website, and through emails to the Professional Staff list-serve.
  • Individuals are encouraged to self-nominate, but you can also nominate others.  
  • Elections take place in mid to late May, with the term for new Senators beginning in July.  All Professional Staff are eligible to vote in elections.

Senate Executive Committee Elections

  • The Senate Executive Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, and 2 Co-Secretaries) are elected by Senators at the June senate meeting.  
  • All newly elected senators are invited to this meeting so that they can vote.
  • The Chair must have served on the Senate for at least 1 year prior to being elected Chair.

Filling Vacated Senate Seats

  • If a Senate seat becomes vacant outside of the normal election cycle, it will be filled, per the by-laws, by the candidate with the next highest number of votes who was not originally elected to the Senate.