Professional Staff Senate

Professional Development Events & Scholarships

Each fall and spring semester the Senate awards professional development scholarships and we periodically sponsor professional development workshops and opportunities for Staff.

Professional Staff Senate Scholarships

The purpose of the scholarship program is to help Professional Staff develop or enhance skills and knowledge relevant to their work or future career aspirations.  In the last two fiscal years, we have been able to award nearly $10000 in scholarships to professional staff members at USM!  These scholarships are partially funded from the Senate budget but would not be possible without generous contributions from other USM departments including the Center for Collaboration and Development, Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, and Educational Partnerships.

In the past, scholarship funds have been used by individuals and departments to purchase course materials, cover conference fees, and fund training workshops, to name a few.  Award requests typically do not exceed $400 and the Senate reserves the right to provide only partial funding in some award cases.  The Senate recognizes the importance of employee development and makes every attempt to prioritize high-value opportunities that contribute to professional development.

Congratulations to our Fall 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

  • Sarah Darhower - Laboratory Associate, Biology Department
  • Janice Gardner - Audience Services & Outreach Coordinator, Theater Department
  • Samar Jamali - Nurse Practitioner, University Health and Counseling Services
  • Tyler Kalahar - Service-Learning and Volunteering Specialist, Service-Learning and Volunteering
  • Samantha Scarf - Advancement Coordinator, University of Maine School of Law - Office of Advancement