Professional Staff Senate

Professional Staff Senate Committees

Professional Staff Senate Executive Committee 2019-2020 Academic Year

The Senate Executive Committee for 2019-2020 will be voted on at the June 2019 Senate meeting.

Position Senator Description of Role
Senate Chair  Netty Provost

The Chair conducts monthly Professional Staff Senate meetings, sets the monthly meeting agenda with Executive Committee, plans an annual retreat with Executive Committee, presides over Senate activities, attends a number of different meetings with campus partners, acts as a liaison and point of contact between the Senate and other campus committees, offices, staff, students, faculty and University leadership.

Senate Vice-Chair  Marge Jarry

The Vice-Chair facilitates meetings in the event of the Chair's absence. The Vice-Chair is a member of the Executive Committee that meets once a month to set the meeting agendas and discuss outstanding issues and serves on 1-2 additional committees and serves as the Senate treasurer.


 Jess Labbe

Lorrie Spaulding

The Co-Secretaries provide meeting notes and documentation for the Professional Staff Senate.  Schedule Senate meetings, arrange meeting logistics (rooms, video conferencing, etc.), set monthly meeting agenda with other Executive Committee members, send out minutes and agenda to Senators each month, and assist in maintaining the Senate Google Drive.

Standing Senate Committees and Membership 2019-2020 Academic Year

Note that committee members will be determined at the Senate retreat in July 2019.

Committee Description Committee Chair Committee Members
Awards & Recognition Responsible for working with previous winners and campus partners to execute the search for nominations, to manage the reference-checking process, perform the initial review of the nominees to prepare them for voting.   Judi Brewer

Judi Brewer

Lorrie Spaulding

Marge Jarry

Communication & Elections

Responsible for correspondence from the Senate to the Institution - fliers, recruitment, programs, website, etc. Responsible for managing new Senate elections each May.

 Jess Labbe

 Jess Labbe

Danielle Vayenas

Netty Provost

Employee Recognition Event

Responsible for working with the Classified Staff Senate, Faculty Senate, HR and Office of the President to plan and execute the annual Employee Recognition Event in May.

 Marge Jarry

Marge Jarry

Doris Juarez

Doug Murphy

Professional Development

Responsible for the Professional Staff Senate scholarships which are awarded each fall and spring semester.  May also plan and orchestrate professional development events for Staff as sponsored by the Senate and our campus partners.

 Andy Osheroff

Andy Osheroff

Netty Provost

Susy Hawes

Stacy Stewart

Aaron Dombrowski

Kaycee Gnatowski


Standing Ad-Hoc Committees

Professional Staff Senators serve as members of a wide variety of campus committees as representatives of the Senate, to ensure that there is a Staff voice on these committees and to encourage the flow of information between these groups and Staff at the University.

Note that 2019-2020 Senate representatives for ad-hoc committees will be finalized at the Senate retreat in July 2019.

Committee Description Senate Representative(s)
Assessment Committee    
Board of Visitors    
Classified Staff Senate Attend meetings of the Classified Staff Senate and serve as a liaison between the Classified Staff Senate and Professional Staff Senate.  
Emergency Response Committee    
Faculty Senate Attend meetings of the Faculty Senate and serve as a liaison between the Faculty Senate and Professional Staff Senate. (Note meetings sometimes run long on this committee.)  
USM Foundation    
Human Resources Liaison Not a formal committee, but included recognizing the strong relationship between the Senate and HR which include monthly meetings and collaboration on special projects.  
Honors Council    
Intercultural and Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC)    
Master Planning Committee    
Parking Committee

Reviews and recommends policies and practices for the management of traffic, parking and transportation services.  Its purpose is to guide the development of a systemic transportation plan that incorporates health and safety, green and alternative transportation solutions, cost-effectiveness, and fairness to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

President's Budget Advisory Committee    
Space Committee    
Student Senate

Members of this committee attend weekly meetings of the Undergraduate Student Senate and serve as liaisons between the Undergraduate Student Senate and Professional Staff Senate. 

University Council    
Wellness Committee    
Web Advisory Committee