Professional Staff Senate

Professional Staff Senate Committees

The work of the Senate is done through several standing and ad hoc committees. Membership on the following senate committees is open to all USM Professional Staff.

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The following is a list of current Committee Members and the committee descriptions.

Executive Committee: Consists of the current year's officers.

  1. Justin Swift - Chair
  2. Martha Scott, Vice Chair
  3. Heather Dilios, Co-Secretary
  4. Karen Walsh, Co-Secretary

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee are as follows:

Chair - Conducts monthly ProSen meetings, sets monthly meeting agenda with Executive Committee members, attends quarterly Board of Visitors meetings, acts as a liaison and point of contact for other campus committees and Professional Staff members, plans annual retreat agenda with Executive Committee, and presides over retreat activities.

Vice-Chair - Acts as Chair at meetings as necessary in the event of the Chair's absence. The Vice Chair is a member of the Executive Committee that meets once a month to set meeting agendas and discuss outstanding issues, also serves on 1-2 additional committees. The Vice Chair also acts as Treasurer for the ProSen and is the coordinator of the New Employee Program.

Co-Secretaries - Schedules yearly retreat and monthly ProSen meetings (this includes finding a time that works for all Senators), books meeting rooms (Portland, Gorham, LAC when necessary), sets up videoconferencing between rooms for scheduled meetings, orders food for retreat, takes minutes at all ProSen meetings, sets monthly meeting agenda with other Executive Committee members and sends out minutes and agenda to Senators each month. Creates and distributes relevant information to all new senators (i.e. New Member binders).

Standing Committees

Professional Development Committee
This committee plans and delivers a minimum of one professional development activity per year. Over the past year this involved guest speakers coming to the first hour of our monthly Professional Staff Senate meetings if the agenda allowed. Membership is open to all USM professional staff.

ProSen Members: Karin Pires, Jen Hart, Judith Ferrante, Janis Albright, Laura Blanton

Professional Recognition and Awards Committee
The committee will examine the feasibility of other recognition vehicles. Membership is open to all USM professional staff.  This committee has merged with the Longevity Award Committee for 2015-2016 session.

ProSen Members: Heather Dilios, Judith Ferrante, Helen Gorgas Goulding, Karen Walsh

Election Committee
The Election Committee coordinates and oversees the election process. Only Professional Senate members who are not candidates for the annual election are eligible for membership.

During the spring semester the committee announces a general call for nominations for candidates to the ProSen. The committee collects these nominations and verifies that nominees are professional staff members at USM and that the nominees accept the nomination. The committee notes the number of senate seats that will be open for the term and creates a ballot system where professional staff vote for returning senators, nominees, or write-ins, to fill the vacant senate positions. The committee announces the beginning of the voting process to the professional staff and provides them with a link to an online ballot.

After voting has concluded, the committee verifies that those who voted and all write-in candidates are professional staff members. The committee totals and records the number of votes received for each candidate. Vacant seats will be filled in the order of candidates receiving the largest number of votes first. The committee announces election results to the ProSen and all candidates at least one week after elections have concluded.

ProSen Members: Lorrie Spaulding, Jen Hart, Dan Welter

Ad Hoc Committees

By-Laws & USM Governance Constitution Rewrite Committee (newly combined)
This committee will oversee the By-Laws, proposed amendments, and associated relationship to the University Governance Document. 

Any member of the ProSen or any member of the professional staff may propose By-law amendments.

  * Amendments will be adopted by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the entire ProSen.
  * Proposed amendments must be read into the minutes at one meeting and voted on at the next regular meeting. If there is not a two-thirds vote quorum at the ProSen meeting that a vote has been scheduled, that vote shall be postponed to the next regular meeting.
  * Portions of the by-laws that are contained within the USM Governance Constitution must be amended by the process outlined in the USM Governance Constitution.

The Professional Staff Senate's USM Governance Constitution Rewrite Committee is charged with participating in any university-wide governance constitution revision efforts such that those sections pertaining to professional staff generally - and the Professional Staff Senate specifically - are revised in accordance with the collective will and the best interests of the professional staff.

ProSen Members: Katie Mahoney, Angela Cook

Communications Committee
This committee disseminates information regarding the Professional staff to the University community, which may include awards and recognitions, photos, marketing of upcoming events, and other pertinent information, most likely on the ProSen website. Membership is open to all USM professional staff.

The committee members will have access to the ProSen website to post events and will send email announcements via Pro-Staff listserv to professional staff members only. Committee members will also utilize the USM-L listserv for dissemination of information as requested. Any ProSen committee or professional staff member that would like information disseminated by the communications committee must notify the committee of what they would like said, when they would like it sent, how often, and through what media.

ProSen Members: John Reed, Erica Leighton, Heather Dilios

In addition to these committees, senate members participate in the work of the larger USM community by representing professional staff on the following University committees:

Longevity Awards: 
This committee consists of several members across the University, including members of the Classified and Professional Senates, to plan for the annual recognition of longevity event held in the spring.

ProSen Members: Martha Scott, Karen Walsh, Helen Gorgas Goulding, Janis Albright

Classified Staff Senate:
Members of this committee attend meetings of the Classified Staff Senate and members serve as liaisons between the Classified Staff Senate and Professional Staff Senate.

ProSen Member: Heather Dilios

 Faculty Senate:  

Members of this committee attend meetings of the Faculty Senate and serve as liaisons between the Faculty Senate and Professional Staff Senate. A ProSen committee member needs to submit a ProSen report (can be minutes of last meeting) to the FacSen chair and secretary via email at least 3 days prior to an upcoming Faculty Senate meeting. ProSen members on this committee should be prepared to stay late on meeting days because they often run beyond 4:30.

ProSen members: Karin Pires, Jen Hart

Student Senate: 
Members of this committee attend weekly meetings of the Undergraduate Student Senate and serve as liaisons between the Undergraduate Student Senate and Professional Staff Senate. 

ProSen members: Laura Blanton (P), Lorrie Spaulding (P), Dan Welter (G), Erica Leighton (G)

USM Board of Visitors:
One ProSen member may attend the monthly meeting of the USM Board of Visitors, a group of volunteers that assists the President of the University in a range of activities that help advance the University, including public relations, government relations and fund-raising.

ProSen Chair or Vice Chair will attend

Transportation and Parking Committee: (Inactive)

The Transportation and Parking Committee reviews and recommends policies and practices for the management of traffic, parking and transportation services.  Its purpose is to guide the development of a systemic transportation plan that incorporates health and safety, green and alternative transportation solutions, cost-effectiveness, and fairness to students, faculty, staff and visitors. Responsibilities include:

1. Supporting the development of transportation initiatives that incorporate regional transportation planning and initiatives providing the university community with low cost, sustainable options that include, but are not limited to buses, carpooling, bicycling and alternative transportation options.
2. Reviewing policies related to traffic control, parking area designation and maintenance, lot designations, services and charges intended to create a self-supporting system.
3. Periodically reviewing and recommending updates to the USM Motor Vehicle Rules.
4. Assessing how effectively the university’s transportation and parking needs are being met.

President’s Council on Diversity:

The President's Council on Diversity consists of a cross section of faculty, staff and students that advise the President on issues of equity, diversity, social justice, multiculturalism, and inclusion within the university community. The Council welcomes new faculty members. Council membership is a Presidential appointment.
ProSen Member: Lorrie Spaulding

President's Council on Climate Neutrality (Inactive):
The President's council is committed to be a climate neutral institution by 2040, by having a net zero carbon footprint.  The committee's work is based around a Climate Action plan, which has specific goals in regards to climate control and works to develop necessary resources and data to meet the institution's goals. 


Other Committees:

Other committee assignments will be announced as they occur.

Updated 05/05/2016