Office of the Provost

Faculty Personnel Review Schedules

The links on this page lead to schedules that are sent to the dean's office staff. They are based on dates specified in the current bargaining agreement (please refer to Appendix H). We will update if any changes are made in the next contract. All faculty members scheduled for personnel review should receive letters from their dean's office advising them of these dates.This information is reproduced here for your convenience.

Key Events and Dates for Tenure-Track Faculty Hired in 2013

Mid-Appointment Review After Initial Two Year Appointment

Reappointment Schedule (Faculty in Second Year of Service)

Reappointment Schedule (Faculty in Third Year of Service)

Tenure and Promotion Schedule

Post-Tenure Review Schedule

Mid-Appointment Review of Non-Tenure track faculty

Reappointment Review of Non-Tenure track faculty