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USM's Educational Partnerships

Fully 45% of our students have earned college credits from another institution when they arrive at USM, and so we strive to give each student recognition for past academic achievement, and for relevant work experience. USM's efforts in this arena include the creation of pathways from degree programs at Maine's community colleges and from other University of Maine System institutions. These pathways allow students to transfer credit easily and efficiently into our majors and programs. Other initiatives under way at USM involve dual enrollment programs for students at the secondary level, and concurrent enrollment programs that allow USM baccalaureate students to take some required classes in a Master's program while still an undergraduate in order to accelerate through the graduate credential. Below are some materials and links that shed light on these efforts and make plain the particulars of these agreements.

Current MOUs

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a document that outlines an agreement between two organizations. It describes the initiative to be taken, the reason it would be beneficial to both organizations and the surrounding community, and it breaks down the responsbilities borne by all the parties who sign it. USM has undertaken a number of different partnerships in an attempt to expand the accessibility of our programs and to serve both the educational desires of Maine citizens and the needs of Maine's workforce.

Below is a list of current MOUs with links to the signed documents:

Information Technology and Computer Science MOU

  • Partners: USM, YCCC, CMCC, SMCC

ConnectED Pathways MOU

  • Partners: USM, YCCC, CMCC, SMCC (for a more detailed explanation of ConnectED Pathways, click here)

Accelerated Law MOU

  • Partners: USM, Maine Law

Master of Education in Instructional Technology

  • Partners: USM, UMF, UMO

Bridge Year MOU

  • Partners: Bridge Year Educational Services, Gorham High School


For a full list of current articulation agreements between USM and the  colleges in the Maine Community College System, click here.

Are you a USM faculty or staff member in search of materials to guide your creation of an articulation agreement? Click here.