Department of Psychology


Who is my faculty advisor?

  •  Declared Psychology majors:

You have an assigned faculty advisor. To find out which faculty member serves as your advisor, check the information found in the Student Services Center on MaineStreet. You should see both a faculty advisor and a professional academic advisor listed on the right side of your Student Center tab. If you don’t see an advisor’s name listed, please contact Bryhanah Esposito 

We encourage you to seek out any Psychology faculty member for advice on coursework and careers.

  • Undeclared students:

If you are interested in declaring the psychology major or minor, please reach out to one of the following individuals to schedule an appointment:


What is the difference between a professional advisor and an academic advisor?

Professional advisors are hired and trained to help students navigate their general education curriculum. The Professional Advising Department is located at 137 Luther Bonney Hall on the Portland Campus and 119 Bailey Hall on the Gorham Campus. Academic advisors are professors who help students navigate their majors. Although professional and academic advisors specialize in different aspects of USM curricula, we are all capable of offering advice on both general education and major-specific courses. 


How do I find my faculty advisor?

You can find a list of all Psychology faculty here. To locate information about individual faculty, including their office location, telephone number, and email address, click on the faculty member’s name.

Please remember that faculty keep busy schedules, and they may not be in their offices during university breaks, including semester break and summer. Plan accordingly when you try to schedule an advising appointment. 


If you have trouble reaching your advisor, contact the administrative assistant, Bryhanah Esposito (780.4250; or the Department Chair, Elizabeth Vella (780.4252; 


When should I meet with my advisor?

All psychology majors should plan to meet with their faculty advisor prior to registering for courses. Important registration dates are readily available from the Office of Registration & Scheduling Services. You should also feel free to schedule a time to meet with your faculty advisor at any time during the regular academic year for advice on career trajectories and how to prepare for graduate school applications. 


What if I want to change advisors?

We try to match students with advisors based upon areas of interest. However, sometimes career plans change and you may wish to switch advisors. To change advisors, please meet with your new potential advisor to confirm the change, and then communicate your interest to the Psychology Department Administrative Assistant, Bryhanah Esposito (780.4250;


Where can I find information about Psychology courses?

The Psychology Department at USM offers both a bachelor’s degree, in addition to a minor in psychology. Visit the Psychology Department Degrees & Certificates web site FMI.