Department of Psychology

Elizabeth J. Parks-Stamm Ph.D.

Part-Time Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office Location

506 Science (A-wing)

Faculty Office Hours Spring 2021

by appointment



Academic Degrees

  • New York University, Ph.D. in Social, Personality, & Organizational Psychology 2009
  • New York University, M.A. in Psychology, 2006
  • Dartmouth College B.A. with High Honors, 2001


Teaching Spring 2021 

PSY 230 Social Psychology (Online)

PSY 230 Social Psychology (Online)


Elizabeth J. Parks-Stamm, Ph.D. is a part-time Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Maine. She received her undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in 2001 and her Ph.D. in Social, Personality, and Organizational Psychology from New York University in 2009. Her research interests include action planning, self-regulation, and the impact of gender stereotypes on the evaluation and performance of women. Her recent research explores the factors that enable social interaction between strangers both in person (e.g., in an outpatient chemotherapy treatment center) and online (e.g, in online discussion forums).



Research Interests

 self-regulation, gender stereotypes, bias, social interaction

Recent Publications

Parks-Stamm, E. J., Pollack, J. S., & Hill, D. R. (in press). The impact of prayer direction on emotional and cognitive responses to personal problems. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

Mendoza, S. A. & Parks-Stamm, E. J. (in press). Embodying the police: The effects of enclothed cognition on shooting decisions. Psychological Reports. [pdf available here]

Parks-Stamm, E. J. & Ferrell, E. M. (2019) Effects of live art on patients and staff in an outpatient chemotherapy treatment environment. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 23, 92-96. [pdf available here]

Soltanpanah, J., Parks-Stamm, E. J., Martiny, S. M., & Rudmin, F. (2018). A cross-cultural examination of the relationship between egalitarian gender role attitudes and life satisfaction. Sex Roles, 79, 50-58. [pdf available here]

Parks-Stamm, E. J., Zafonte, M., & Palenque, S. M. (2017). The effects of instructor participation and class size on student participation in an online class discussion forum. British Journal of Educational Technology, 48, 1250-1259. [pdf available here]

 Martiny-Huenger, T., Martiny, S. E., Parks-Stamm, E. J., Pfeiffer, E., & Gollwitzer, P. M. (2017). From conscious thought to automatic action: A simulation account of action planning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146, 1513-1525. [pdf available here]

 Parks-Stamm, E. J. & Grey, C. (2016). Evaluating engagement online: Penalties for low-participating female instructors in gender-balanced academic domains. Social Psychology, 47, 281-287. [pdf available here]

 Zafonte, M. & Parks-Stamm, E. J. (2016). Effective instruction in APA Style in blended and face to face classrooms. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 2(3), 208-218. [pdf available here]

 Martiny, S. E., Gleibs, I. H., Parks-Stamm, E. J., Martiny-Huenger, T., Froehlich, L., Harter, A.-L.& Roth, J. (2015). Dealing with negative stereotypes in sports: The role of cognitive anxiety when multiple identities are activated in sensorimotor tasks. Journal of Sports and Exercise Psychology, 37(4), 379-392. [pdf available here]

 Parks-Stamm, E. J. (2013). Exclusion as self-protection: The function of subtypes for ingroup members. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39(5), 651-662. [pdf available here]

 Parks-Stamm, E. J., Oettingen, G., & Gollwitzer, P. M. (2010). Making sense of one’s actions in an explanatory vacuum: The interpretation of nonconscious goal striving. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 46, 531-542. [pdf available here]

 Parks-Stamm, E. J., Gollwitzer, P. M., & Oettingen (2010). Implementation intentions and test anxiety: Shielding academic performance from distraction. Learning and Individual Differences, 20, 30-33. [pdf available here]

 Parks-Stamm, E. J., Heilman, M. E., & Hearns, K. A. (2008). Motivated to penalize: Women’s strategic rejection of successful women. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 34, 237-247. [pdf available here]

 Parks-Stamm, E. J., Gollwitzer, P. M., & Oettingen, G. (2007). Action control by implementation intentions: Effective cue detection and efficient response initiation. Social Cognition, 25, 247-264. [pdf available here]

 Heilman, M. E., & Parks-Stamm, E. J. (2007). Gender stereotypes in the workplace: Obstacles to women’s career progress. In S. J. Correll (Ed.), Social psychology of gender: Advances in group processes (Vol. 24, pp. 44-77). Elsevier Ltd., JAI Press.