Department of Psychology

Scott W. Brown Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Scott W. Brown Ph.D.


518 Science

Office Hours Spring 2016

1:30--3:00, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 780-4148

Cognitive Psychologist

Goddard College. B.A., 1974

University of Maine, Ph.D., 1984

Teaching Spring 2016:

PSY 360 Cognitive Processes

PSY 361 Sensationa & Perception


Research Interests

Temporal perception

Timing behavior

Attentional processes

Recent Publications

Brown, S. W. (2010).  Timing, resources, and interference:  Attentional modulation of time perception.  In K. C. Nobre & J. T. Coull (Eds.), Attention and time (pp. 107-121).  New York:  Oxford University Press.

 Brown, S. W. (2008-a).  The attenuation effect in timing:  Counteracting dual-task interference with time judgment skill training.  Perception, 37, 712-724.

 Brown, S. W. (2008-b).  Time and attention:  Review of the literature.  In S. Grondin (Ed.), Psychology of time (pp. 111-138).  Bingley, UK:  Emerald.