Public Health

Public Health Program Competencies

Competencies describe activities or behaviors students should be able to demonstrate upon completion of a learning experience. Upon graduation, students in our program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate written and oral skills with diverse audiences. Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills.

  • Demonstrate team building, negotiation, and conflict management skills.

  • Demonstrate collaborative leadership and consensus building.

  • Articulate a vision, a set of core values and an achievable mission.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and professional service.

  • Critically evaluate the role and influence of policy in the health system.

  • Identify and assess key components of the organization, financing and delivery of healthcare and public health.

  • Demonstrate the principles of budget development and management.

  • Apply theories, concepts and models used in public health.

  • Describe the determinants of health (e.g., environmental, social factors).

  • Identify individual, organizational and community concerns, assets, and deficits.

  • Critically evaluate epidemiologic studies and research.

  • Apply common statistical techniques.

  • Apply evidence-based principles and knowledge to decision-making.

  • Interpret results of statistical analyses.

  • Use data to inform public health decision-making and action.

  • Demonstrate the use of systems thinking.