Office of Public Affairs

9/24 - Woodbury Campus Center updates, including Commuter Week information

Dear USM Community Members,

Thank you for reading these long emails regarding the work on Woodbury Campus Center and for sending your questions, concerns and suggestions.  All are greatly appreciated.

Outlined below you will find information related to your questions and concerns and an update on our progress with Woodbury.  And at the very bottom, please see additional information about Commuter Week - which is still on! 

Work in Woodbury

  • SERVPRO has had teams of people in Woodbury and they have begun cleaning and removing damaged items.  There will be a crew of 30 SERVPRO people in Woodbury tomorrow.
  • Gretchen Catlin from UMS Risk Management has been on site yesterday and today. She is working with our Facilities Management (FM) staff recording all damages (insurance, etc.)  Gretchen helped box and move items out of Woodbury today - thank you Gretchen!
  • Broken Pipe - we have not found the broken pipe yet.  We will need to jackhammer through slab on Thursday.  Shaw Brothers will be on site on Thursday to conduct this work.  FM staff will begin to prepare for this work tomorrow (removal of glass,etc).
  • Electricity has been restored to Woodbury.  

Student Affairs/Dean of Student Staff

  • Sarah Holmes, David Lewis, Devon Mulligan, Ezra Briggs, Drew Masterman, Latré Sibi Lawson Owanda and Zorica Andric have all been relocated to the 2nd floor of the Science Building
  • Erica Sawyer is located in Luther Bonney 140D

Student Spaces on Campus

  • A Temporary Husky Lounge will be set up in Sullivan Gym - Court A.  The staff will work hard to get this set-up as quick as possible.
  • We are also exploring other open student space on campus - look for good suggestions in the upcoming Dean of Students' email.


  • Microwaves can be found on the first floor of Luther Bonney and at the 2nd floor Law School Café.  
  • Glickman Library has a microwave on the first floor and there is one in the fifth floor café.  

Dining Services

  • Starting tomorrow, Dining Services will be able to accept meal plan dollars, husky bucks and cash, in addition to the meal swipes we are currently accepting, at the daily BBQ from 11:00am - 2:00pm.  
  • The cost of the BBQ is $7.00.  
  • We have also added hot breakfast sandwiches and soup in Luther Bonney and Maine Law Cafe. 
  • We will continue to look for ways to get hot food options onto the Portland Campus. 

Commuter Appreciation Week is still on! All programming will still take place. The following events have changed location:

Wednesday, September 25, 5-7 p.m.
Pizza Night 
Skywalk Landing between Luther Bonney and Masterton - Portland. Grab a free slice of pizza on your way to or from class

Thursday, September 26, 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Bagel Breakfast
2nd Floor Abromson, Portland. Bagels, coffee, tea, juice and snacks!

Visit for more information.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through this situation.

Nancy Davis Griffin
Chief Operations Officer