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BBC interviews USM's Tracy Michaud about future of Greenland tourism

Portrait of Tracy Michaud

A recent BBC broadcast of the program, “World Business Report,” featured USM’s Tracy Michaud in a story on Greenland’s economic future.

Michaud, an assistant professor and chair of USM’s Tourism and Hospitality program, talked about the beauty of the huge country, which is covered by glaciers on 80 percent of its land mass.

“It’s a beautiful, remote place that not many people have visited,” Michaud told the BBC. “It’s becoming increasingly interesting for potential visitors to go there. My only hope is that it is done and developed in a way that supports the local people and comes from the local people and indiginous people there.”

Michaud also talked about the attractiveness of the region to nature-based and adventure-based tourism.

In recent months, Michaud has joined experts from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Penn State University, the University of Greenland and the US. Department of State.

Their partnership — the Arctic Education Alliance — will build vocational education programs that support training in sustainable tourism, hospitality, and land and fisheries management in Greenland.  The project will foster collaboration between U.S. and Greenlandic education communities and expand educational and economic opportunities. The partnership is being funded by a two-year, U.S. Department of State grant totaling $1.8 million.