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Behind the scenes with Ballet at USM

With ballet, “you have to be willing to be thrown way out of your comfort zone,” says Maria Tzianabos, Lecturer in Theatre and Dance at USM. Whether teaching first-timers or experienced dancers, “I’m trying to find what your limit is and then push you a little bit past that.”

At USM, students with a broad range of goals choose to study ballet. “Whether you’re going to go on to be a dancer, or a teacher, or play an instrument, or be an actor, ballet is a very useful skill to put in your toolbox," Tzianabos says. "The strength of our program is that you can carve your path and choose how you want to use the education to better yourself."

Hear Tzianabos and teaching colleague Vanessa Beyland share their insights on teaching ballet at USM in this behind-the-scenes look at ballet by USM Multimedia Specialist Zach Boyce.