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'College is the smart choice' writes USM President Cummings in Portland Press Herald

USM President Glenn Cummings

Four bad reasons to rule out college and four good reasons to rule it in were the subject of an op/ed column published in the Portland Press Herald and written by University of Southern Maine President Glenn Cummings.

The column was titled “College is smart choice, if you want it.”

A college education helps you make more money and inoculate you against recessions and shifting job sectors. A bachelor’s degree helps tap a pool of vacant Maine jobs in need of educated applicants.

“So, is college for everyone?” asked Cummings. “It definitely should be for everyone who is looking for security for themselves and their families.

“It is up to colleges and universities to provide the opportunity,” he said. “That’s why public universities are especially important. While some schools pride themselves on whom they reject, we pride ourselves on whom we accept. By combining accessibility and affordability with academic excellence and a focus on the workforce needs of our region and state, everyone benefits.”