Office of Public Affairs

Cummings honors 108 staffers in recognition ceremony

President Glenn Cummings honored 108 USM staffers who reached milestone anniversaries, including one person who marked her 45th anniversary with the university.

At the annual Staff Recognition Event — held at Hannaford Hall on the Portland Campus — Karen Hart of Payroll was presented with a USM service pin, mug, pen and a clock in honor of her 45 years service to USM. She also was given a standing ovation by attendees.

Also honored were: Diane Hoyt and Suzanne Parent for 40 years of service, W. Daryl McIIwain of Human Resources, Susan Robinson of Card Services, Edward Moore of Library, Ann Perry of Biology and Daniel Warren of Facilities with 35 years of service.

The 30-year roll call: Albert Bean, Jr., Athletics, Edward Kellogg, Library, George Cadigan, Jr., Sullivan Complex, Joseph Seger, Facilities, and Helen Gorgas Goulding, Advising.

The 25-year roll call: Donna Reed, Cutler Institute.

The 20-year roll call: Kristine Bertini, UHCS, Melanie Knox, Cutler Institute, Joseph Quaid, Facilities, Lillian Campbell, Theatre, Elaine Ogrodnik, Nursing, Martha Scott, OSP, Bernard Elfring, Athletics, Karen Pearson, Cutler Institute, Lawrence Shewell-Woodbury, IT.

The 15-year roll call: Maureen Baker, Cutler Institute, Rebecca Harvey, Cutler Institute, Delora Reardon, Cutler Institute, Jonathan Barker, Admissions, Lisa Hinckley, Cutler Institute, Adam Roy, Facilities, Amy Blaisdell, Treasurer's Office, Reza Jalali, Multicultural Affairs, Hilda Shelton, IT, Angela Bordeaux, Cutler Institute, Patrick Kennedy, Cutler Institute, William Soper, Public Safety, Bradford Cordiner, Facilities, James Kessler, IT, Vernon Tarbell, Bookstore, Catherine Davis, Facilities, Richard Lundgren, Facilities, Nancy Theriault, Facilities, Kathryn Decker, Cutler Institute, Tracey Meagher, Cutler Institute, Patricia Toole, Cutler Institute, Nadine Edris, Cutler Institute, Maureen Perry, LAC Library, Stephanie Towns, CMS, William Griffiths, Facilities, Gary Porter, Facilities, Claire Walker, Cutler Institute.

The 10-year roll call: Leonard Agneta, Cutler Institute, Oksana Fearon, Cutler Institute, Patricia Potter, Library, Janis Albright, Advising, Christopher Fox, Admissions, Clayton Ranger, Facilities, Zorica Andric, Campus Life, Kimberley Fox, Cutler Institute, Christen Stande, Advising, Meredith Bickford, Athletics, Anush Hansen, Cutler Institute, Russell Swann, Public Safety, James Booth, Mail Services, Robert Hyssong, OLLI, Christopher Turner, Upward Bound, Thomas Cutting, Facilities, Abukar Munye, Facilities, Nicole Vinal Harvie, Maine Law, Cynthia DeCosta, Student Accounts, Jessica Picard, Facilities, Susan Walker, Cutler Institute, Elizabeth Dodge, Provosts Office, Karen Pires, Registration & Scheduling Services, Kerry Wyler, Maine Law, Carol Potter, Facilities
The 5-year roll call included: Kristen Beahm, Testing & Assessment, Allison Hardy, Admissions, John Reed, Environmental Health & Safety, Lisa Belanger, UCHS, Elizabeth Hart, Advising, Jennifer Sherwood, SBDC, Adam Bowman, Cutler Institute, Thomas Haskell, Public Safety, Linda Skinner, OLLI, Philip Bumby, Facilities, Benjamin Henning, Facilities, Erika Stump, CEPARE, Zachariah Croll, Cutler Institute, Trish Knight, Cutler Institute, Steve Sweeney, Facilities, John Derouche, Admissions, Skaidrite Kwasnick, Financial Aid, Cherie Tate, PCE, Heather Dilios, DSC, Matthew Lajoie, Library, Finn Teach, Cutler Institute, Amanda Edmonds, Admissions, John Martin, Mail Services, Adam Thibodeau, Facilities, Wayne Estes, Facilities, Sally Meredith, Provosts Office, Karen Walsh, IT Project Mgmt, Heidi Gage, Maine Law, Alexandra Moras, Maine Law, Tara Wheeler, Cutler Institute, Alison Green-Parsons, Cutler Institute, Angela Potter, Athletics, Mark Woodhead, Facilities.