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Fall 2018 Dean's List

student readingThe University of Southern Maine (USM) congratulates the more than 1,200 undergraduate students from across Maine, the nation and the globe who have been named to the Fall 2018 semester Dean's List.

In total, 1,178 USM Huskies have received the distinction, a marker of academic excellence and high achievement.

To be placed on the Dean’s List, full-time undergraduate students — those who completed 12 credit hours or more, with a minimum of 12 letter-graded (A-F) credits, with the exception of required, program-specific Pass/Fail credits — must receive a grade point average of 3.6 or above. 

Full-time students are eligible for the Dean’s List each semester; students who attend the University part-time, who meet the Dean’s List criteria at the conclusion of the Fall and Spring semesters, are also included in the Dean’s List. Read more about the Dean's List requirements.

This web page is categorized first by in-state students, out-of-state students, international students and students who have chosen not to provide a hometown. For the best way to find a student's name, select a drop-down menu for the student's hometown county (if from Maine), home state or home country. Then, use the keyboard shortcuts: Command-F (Mac) or Control-F (PC) and search by name. 

NEW: View an interactive map of where Dean's List recipients are from, sorted by state and home country.

Please note: Some students have requested that their information not be released and, therefore, their names are not included.

Maine Students

Students from Maine who qualified for the 2018 Fall Semester Dean's List, sorted by hometown county.

Town/City Last Name First Name
Auburn Davis Brynn
Auburn Lindenschmidt Morgan
Auburn Harris Joshua
Auburn Hunt Alexandria
Auburn Abdulle Sulekha
Auburn Kidd Heather
Auburn Footer Hannah
Auburn Breton Michelle
Auburn Spencer Raymond
Auburn Esty Nicholas
Auburn Esty Nicholas
Auburn Pelletier Brandon
Auburn Demers Delia
Auburn Penley-Theis Breanne
Auburn Lupher Kirsten
Auburn Belanger Ashlynn
Auburn Power Allyson
Auburn Kavi Akosua
Durham Ruby Margo
Durham Sylvester Juliette
Greene Teacutter Danielle
Greene Sirois Sydney
Greene Cyr Ashley
Leeds Rousseau Mackenzie
Lewiston Jacques Jacynthe
Lewiston Aliviado Timothy
Lewiston Mohamed Osman
Lewiston Tibbetts Dakota
Lewiston Kidd Mary
Lewiston Gray Cathy
Lewiston Usher Sydney
Lewiston Lavoie Kaylee
Lewiston Goding Megan
Lewiston Moran Brian
Lewiston Nichols Travis
Lewiston Blais Kristina
Lewiston Fellows Alanna
Lewiston Behrman Cade
Lewiston Gray Bronwyn
Lewiston Dorff Carl
Lewiston Cook Nathan
Lewiston Wilson Gabrielle
Lewiston Schlotterbeck Michael
Lewiston Curtis Kyla
Lewiston Trottier-Braun Hannah
Lewiston Gousse Jaedyn
Lewiston Perkins Elizabeth
Lewiston Ahmed Hamso
Lewiston Croyle Alexander
Lewiston Eliasen Morgan
Lewiston Chamberlain Taylor
Lewiston Bisson Ryan
Lisbon Yim Eric
Lisbon Falls Holmes Cosette
Lisbon Falls Johnson Reilly
Lisbon Falls Dube Amanda
Lisbon Falls Feehan Taylor
Lisbon Falls Hatherley Michelle
Livermore Pelletier Amia
Livermore Lovewell Chloe
Livermore Richards Samantha
Livermore Castonguay Evelyn
Livermore Falls Dyar Sarah
Mechanic Falls McDougal Meagan
Mechanic Falls Summers Taylor
Mechanic Falls Sylvester Shaun
Minot Bertrand Elizabeth
Minot Dubois Angela
Minot Dubois Angela
Minot Bridgham Kaleb
Poland Sibley Sigrid
Poland Johnson Kymberlee
Poland Combs Taylor
Poland Cash Derek
Poland Lobley Mariah
Sabattus Shedd Katie
Sabattus Fuller Alexis
Sabattus Hilb Michaela
Sabattus Gamache Kyra
Turner Varney Averi
Turner Eells Chantel
Turner Landry Sage
Wales Brill Amanda
Wales Mooney Adam
Wales Kirchner James
Wales Spencer Hayden
Town/City Last Name First Name
Caribou O'Meara Anya
Fort Fairfield Cassidy Dalton
Fort Fairfield Ricker Joshua
Fort Fairfield Bruce Carter
Linneus Blanchette Madeleine
Mars Hill McKenney Ethan
Presque Isle Luong Alana
Saint David Gendreau Sarah
Saint David Lagasse Alex
Town/City Last Name First Name
Bridgton Elder Josephine
Brunswick Poulton Carly
Brunswick Stephens Bryan
Brunswick Ford Gillian
Brunswick Arsenault Joanna
Brunswick Guindon Rachel
Brunswick Chase Victoria
Brunswick Felix-Smith Laken
Brunswick Baker Emily
Cape Elizabeth Oberholtzer Kathleen
Cape Elizabeth Galgano Dylan
Cape Elizabeth Bethel Ysanne
Cape Elizabeth Bennett Stephen
Cape Elizabeth Rosendo Sierra
Cape Elizabeth Ginn Liam
Cape Elizabeth Shields Phoebe
Cape Elizabeth Tinsman Ashley
Cape Elizabeth Welch Anthony
Cape Elizabeth Miller Sabrina
Cape Elizabeth Riker Madelaine
Cape Elizabeth Yim Isabel
Casco Underwood Courtney
Casco Flaherty Colin
Casco Hunter Rayna
Casco Martin Rachel
Casco Shane Drew
Casco Lewis Karlee
Casco Ellingwood Tyler
Cumberland Center Rivera Rachel
Cumberland Center Howell Caleb
Cumberland Center Ludwick Sarah
Cumberland Center Dalton Samantha
Cumberland Center McNamara Foster
Cumberland Center Chu Christopher
Cumberland Center Mitiguy Julia
Falmouth Harding Lynnea
Falmouth Quinn Emma
Falmouth Nagem Noah
Falmouth McIntosh Elizabeth
Falmouth Coleman Kristen
Falmouth Hamzavi Samantha
Falmouth Wilkins Dianne
Falmouth Marchi Connor
Falmouth Le Andy
Falmouth Gustafson Julia
Falmouth Scannell Connor
Falmouth Alpren Jacob
Falmouth Giordano Charlotte
Falmouth Weigel Sarah
Falmouth Levy Noah
Freeport Grotz Emily
Freeport Whited Ethan
Freeport Lavopa Elita
Freeport Rinaldi Taylor
Freeport Butler Ian
Freeport Maierhofer Emma
Freeport Anderson Clifford
Gorham Weed Ryan
Gorham Rimkunas Jonas
Gorham Stultz Sydney
Gorham Engling Trevor
Gorham Schuehle Tiffany
Gorham Raymond Mary Margaret
Gorham Close Asher-Frances
Gorham Pike Julie
Gorham Germond Griffin
Gorham Jordan Aliza
Gorham Lawton Alexander
Gorham Butler Ian
Gorham Yaqub Jabbar
Gorham Jackson Isabelle
Gorham Howe Ashley
Gorham Howe Ashley
Gorham Rogers Dylan
Gorham Beland Christopher
Gorham Acker-Wolfhagen Anne
Gorham Andrews Katherine
Gorham Mallory Erica
Gorham Ellsmore Kara
Gorham Knight Cynthia
Gorham Stepnick Nicola
Gorham Benson Kristin
Gorham Whelan Delaney
Gorham Michaud Emily
Gorham Bellino Ross
Gorham Meserve Hannah
Gorham Bennett Katherine
Gorham Matey Samuel
Gorham Curtis Rachel
Gorham Rowe Michelle
Gorham McKenzie Katelyn
Gorham Garrard Meghan
Gorham Escobar Maria
Gorham Hanlon-Saenz Amber
Gorham Parker Colby
Gorham Rinsler Azmo
Gorham Fakhri Henoc
Gorham Willey Simeon
Gorham Collins Isabelle
Gray French Noli
Gray Rouleau Sarah
Gray Halley Hilda
Gray Watson Andrew
Gray Michaud Margaret
Harpswell Allen Samuel
Harpswell Lynch Kelly
Harpswell Fall Isabelle
Harpswell Dufresne Mackenzie
Harrison Valeriano Kelsey
Harrison Gallant Wendy
Harrison Casali Adeline
Naples Neault Daniel
Naples Bailey Cristina
Naples Porter Lauren
Naples Shanks Georgia
New Gloucester Skilling Bryce
New Gloucester Hutchings Justine
New Gloucester Dexter Trent
North Yarmouth Hoffman Garrick
North Yarmouth Plummer Nicholas
North Yarmouth Raudales Juliana
North Yarmouth Jimino Amanda
North Yarmouth Hilton Alexis
North Yarmouth Barnett Anna
North Yarmouth Geary Michael
North Yarmouth Herreid Joshua
Peaks Island Walsh James
Peaks Island Rushford Bradley
Peaks Island Gulnick Jeanne
Portland Welch Ilana
Portland Lee Edwin
Portland Silvers William
Portland Lewis Mackenzie
Portland Smith Nathan
Portland Duvall Madeline
Portland Coombs Samuel
Portland Hagan Joseph
Portland Harris Kailey
Portland Reyes-Peraza Carla
Portland Barnard Anneke
Portland Norman Emily
Portland Heidkamp Michael
Portland Barrett Jack
Portland Frame Michael
Portland Talmage Beatrice
Portland Reynolds Dylan
Portland Reynolds Dylan
Portland Wheeler Caroline
Portland Polansky Jessica Lauren
Portland Smith James
Portland Stahle Livia
Portland Grant Carole
Portland Djama Kaha
Portland Momand Zakia
Portland Phillips James
Portland DaGraca Leonardo
Portland Bell Phoebe
Portland McCann Robert
Portland Marino Marcella
Portland Carr Ryan
Portland Sturdivant Alexander
Portland Reed Ashley
Portland Ferrara Katherine
Portland Cyr Nolan
Portland Fuller Hallie
Portland Hoffman Natasha
Portland Stonerook Jay
Portland Ali Abass
Portland Yousef Munira
Portland Guiod Seth
Portland Lord Kristina
Portland Dunbar Shannon
Portland Roland Adam
Portland Fortin Zachary
Portland Ademi Denny
Portland Slotnick Kevin
Portland Zinn John
Portland Mishor Bar
Portland Bareket Shai
Portland Perreault Joseph
Portland Rauch Brendon
Portland Rauch Brendon
Portland Gill Douglas
Portland Gaudet Caroline
Portland French Abigail
Portland Gikas Jacob
Portland Elliott Carl
Portland Kilbride Jack
Portland Cannon Rose
Portland Keefe Caroline
Portland Spidaliere David
Portland Issack Abdirahman
Portland Spor Mikayla
Portland Brown Abigail
Portland Ginder Eleanor
Portland Ellingsworth Madison
Portland Kantarama Fabiola
Portland Haskell Julia
Portland Boucher Monica
Portland Weinstock Isobel
Portland Ossie Johnna
Portland Shriner Austin
Portland Florendo Jesse
Portland O'Neil Emily
Portland Dykes William
Portland Matassa Michael
Portland Vincent Josephine
Portland Cook Andrew
Portland Dennett Caroline
Portland Mohamed Zimzim
Portland Simard Darriana
Portland Huynh Michelle
Portland Munezero Monika
Portland Rosenfield Hannah
Portland Buckley Gretta
Portland Hodgkiss Joshua
Portland Warnock Kyle
Portland Ukash Naimo
Portland Isack Maryan
Portland Dutter Timothy
Portland Melder Kayla
Portland Melder Kayla
Portland Santerre Luciana
Portland Ranganathan Maya
Portland Katuwal Sunil
Portland Paseltiner Daniel
Portland Nixon Tucker
Portland Lane Christopher
Portland Davis James
Portland Pershouse Colin
Portland Young James
Portland Walsh Nina
Portland Payne Brooke
Portland Woodman Holly
Portland Narbus Leah
Portland Waterbury Theresa
Portland Haas-Zanghi Emma
Portland Alcorn Benjamin
Portland Baughman Molly
Portland Lemke Liana
Portland Sawyer Kiana
Portland Millard Brianna
Portland Usanase Jolie
Portland Stolfus Sydney
Portland Wells Thomas
Portland Cyr Katherine
Portland Gettings Megan
Portland Harris Paiton
Portland Rackenberg-Loisel Sydney
Portland Basiliere Alexandra
Portland Altman Irit
Portland Ebert Jacqueline
Portland Silva Sophia
Portland Weinstock Ciera
Portland Walsh Amy
Portland Doyle Seth
Portland Heindl Connor
Portland Kim Christine
Portland Chu Brian
Portland Nasrat Alias
Portland Helderman Ron
Portland Valcsics Angyalka
Portland Maloney Nicholas
Portland Jordan Courtney
Portland Ndayikunda Belyse
Portland Prajapati Akriti
Portland Stone Jennifer
Portland Canlas Jay Anthony
Portland Jimale Dawood
Portland Guragain Aayush
Portland McCarthy Beaver Quinn
Pownal Hayden-Hunt Grace
Raymond Neujahr Brady
Raymond Brown Meghan
Raymond Remien Robert
Raymond Millette-Gagnon Madison
Raymond Teas Christopher
Raymond Pelletier Adrienne
Scarborough Franklin Alexis
Scarborough Snider Cassandra
Scarborough Doody Garrett
Scarborough Griffis Zachary
Scarborough Bayley Flora
Scarborough Gage Evan
Scarborough Harness Ronald
Scarborough Kelley Michael
Scarborough Griffis Kayla
Scarborough Nadeau Colby
Scarborough Olson Elijah
Scarborough Davis Ryan
Scarborough Trumpler Ian
Scarborough Gelinas Tori
Scarborough Daniell Hannah
Scarborough Trinh Linda
Scarborough Wasser Brandon
Scarborough Marcello Paige
Scarborough Marcello Paige
Scarborough Richard Henry
Scarborough Hawko Mary
Scarborough Averill Alexandra
Scarborough Mistler Hannah
Scarborough Jordanova Alexandra-Kristin
Scarborough Mars Shannon
Scarborough Fitts Dennis
Scarborough Coombs Caitlin
Scarborough Kinney Bretton
Scarborough White Brianna
Scarborough Smith Laura
Scarborough Patel Nil
Scarborough Anderson Lyndsey
Sebago Russo Mario
South Portland Darrell Rosalie
South Portland Beaulieu Angela
South Portland Donnangelo Ezri
South Portland Hyssong Joshua
South Portland Lewis Aaron
South Portland Taylor Ashley
South Portland Rosencranz Paul
South Portland Dominicus Paige
South Portland Lema Lillian
South Portland St. John Julia
South Portland Parlee Kathleen
South Portland Orsillo Carlene
South Portland Moore Sierra
South Portland Taylor Robert
South Portland Cofran Desiree
South Portland Harvey Alicia
South Portland Wurgler Teresa
South Portland Igov Biser
South Portland Dolloff Thomas
South Portland Sullivan Patrick
South Portland Nakami Games
South Portland Leckie Wesley
South Portland Martin Eden
South Portland Gaudet Gianna
South Portland O'Brien Shae
South Portland Doughty Isabelle
South Portland Bradbury Andrew
South Portland Donnelly Maeve
South Portland Jocher Ella
South Portland Odlin Jodi
South Portland Bornstein Sheila
South Portland Galarraga Mary
South Portland Hobayo Jean-Bosco
South Portland Fleming Ellie
South Portland Santiago Tashira
South Portland Shaikh Farheen
South Portland Mean Sochenda
South Portland Mills Anne
South Portland Guarniz Fausto
South Portland Shaikh Fazil
South Portland Mcsweeney Brendan
South Portland Knowland David
South Portland Jillings Luke
South Portland DiPhilippo Josephine
Standish Lind Katherine
Standish Gay Roland
Standish Cropley Madison
Standish Gay Julia
Standish Merrill Carrie
Standish Dorokhin Oksana
Standish James Amanda
Standish Marquis Amanda
Standish Gifford Christopher
Standish Komulainen Thomas
Westbrook Peabody Alyson
Westbrook Foley Francis
Westbrook Donahue Abbey
Westbrook Muchmore Michael
Westbrook Pawlowski Samuel
Westbrook Marr Abram
Westbrook Dyer Kelly
Westbrook Grose Alexis
Westbrook Selva Holly
Westbrook Grant Jordan
Westbrook Phillips Bryanna
Westbrook Nutter Michael
Westbrook Williams Olivia
Westbrook Saylor Derek
Westbrook Hartley Taylor
Westbrook Stephens Chelsea
Westbrook Horner Kayla
Westbrook Mutamuriza Honorine
Westbrook Herbert Madalene
Westbrook Pyburn Kathleen
Westbrook Jeffords Marissa
Westbrook Mesloh Nicolas
Westbrook Wolfe Rose
Westbrook Micucci Ethan
Westbrook Gray Jessie
Westbrook Ndayisaba Carmen
Westbrook Simmons Grace
Westbrook Nutter Catherine
Westbrook Natividad Jessica
Westbrook Gantt Abigail
Westbrook Damon Madison
Westbrook Doane Nicholas
Westbrook Montgomery Benjamin
Westbrook Duong Anh
Westbrook Al Qayyar Ghazwan
Windham Hall Noah
Windham Bennett Megan
Windham Kilgallon Daniel
Windham Davis Emma
Windham Davis Emma
Windham Wenger Ariana
Windham Blake Connor
Windham Shively Samuel
Windham Turner Bailey
Windham Douglass Kelsey
Windham Zinchuk Brian
Windham Ferrari Dominic
Windham Killmeyer Samantha
Windham Baker Celine
Windham Wolf Elizabeth
Windham Cavanaugh Hayley
Windham Munson Allison
Windham Haskell Hannah
Windham Popov Anastasiya
Windham Wunderlich Kristina
Windham Jannarone Jamie
Windham Files Taylor
Windham Denbow Annie
Windham Foss Abigail
Windham Thiv Chhoeun
Windham Tibbitts Allyson
Windham Mannette Macy
Windham Ober Samantha
Windham Skvorak Hannah
Windham Mckee Amanda
Windham Genovese Carlita
Windham Verrill Olivia
Windham Bailey Denali
Windham Porter Devan
Windham Michie Kate
Yarmouth Van Uden Alexander
Yarmouth Boberg Elisabeth
Yarmouth Fischer Jillian
Yarmouth Erving Joseph
Yarmouth Tangilamesu Kamba Tabin
Yarmouth Barbeau Diana
Yarmouth Sawyer Emma
Yarmouth Ridlon Kerie
Yarmouth Chille Rachel
Yarmouth Higgins Alexandra
Yarmouth Johnson Kaede
Yarmouth Salamanca Guardado Karla
Cumberland Center Ludwick Parker
Town/City Last Name First Name
Carrabassett Valley Drumstas Anna
Farmington Crockett Denver
Farmington Zundel Sawyer
Jay Levesque Whitney
Jay Ring Deonte Kieron
Salem Twp Ross Mariah
Stratton Whiting Jade
Strong Gordon Arianna
Wilton Harrington Moesha
Town/City Last Name First Name
Blue Hill Brownlow Isla
Bucksport Kircheis Aaron
Ellsworth Robidoux Noah
Gouldsboro Mittelhauser Celeste
Hancock Linkel Rady
Stonington Haskell Ashley
Winter Harbor Janla Thiraphong
Town/City Last Name First Name
Augusta Forbes Jacob
Augusta Emerson Aaron
Augusta Caruso Gabriela
Augusta Hoang Hope
Augusta Poulin Savanna
Augusta Nicol Julia
Augusta Clattenburg Morgan
Belgrade McCollett Tiffiny
Belgrade Trinidad Trisha
Belgrade Languet India
Benton Poli Cassandra
China Village Bailey Amelia
Clinton Gibson Campbell
Farmingdale Smith Margaret
Farmingdale Smith Holden
Farmingdale Scheirer Catherine
Farmingdale Mathieu Alexander
Gardiner Maschino Bobbi Jo
Gardiner Toman Mary
Gardiner Cates Kristen
Gardiner Del Gallo Peter
Gardiner Hinckley Tyler
Gardiner Hughes David
Hallowell Freeman Sabrina
Hallowell Hodgkins Benjamin
Litchfield Severance Courtney
Monmouth Richard Renee
Monmouth Kieltyka Bronson
Monmouth Jordan Becca
Monmouth Stevens Madeline
Monmouth Bickford Amos
Mount Vernon Willette Marissa
Pittston Allumbaugh Avery
Pittston Stevens Leslie
Readfield Walsh Emma
Readfield Allen Chloe
Sidney Hoyle Zachariah
South China Peavey Jakob
Vassalboro Reed Brian
Vassalboro McCausland Rita
Vassalboro Foshay Isabel
Waterville Caron Katey
Waterville Megivern Breana
West Gardiner Madore Cara
West Gardiner Beaulieu Benjamin
Windsor Soucy Tyler
Windsor Holt Dylan
Winslow Currie Alyssa
Winslow Goldrup Kendra
Winslow Stetson Joshua
Winthrop Froom Rachael
Winthrop Reed Mariah
Winthrop Conner Lakin
Winthrop Perez Fantasia
Town/City Last Name First Name
Appleton Williams Hayley
Camden Gentle Gianpaolo
Camden Sewall Samantha
Cushing Long Kyle
Hope Power Esme
Owls Head Hendricks Keenan
Rockland Boggs Rebecca
Rockland Tower Laci
Rockland Darge Lauren
Rockland Fong Cherelle
Rockport Krause Cooper
Thomaston Davenport Shea
Warren Ryan Olivia
Warren Hooper Wesley
Warren Morris Liam
Town/City Last Name First Name
Alna Colomb Kathryn
Boothbay Harbor LeGrand Kathryn
Damariscotta Fraser Aidan
Newcastle Gastaldo Mara
Newcastle Gastaldo Mara
Nobleboro Palmer Janice
Nobleboro Brown Paul
Nobleboro Smith Maxwell
Whitefield Hamel Griffin
Whitefield Jackson Samantha
Town/City Last Name First Name
Bethel Chappie Christopher
Brownfield Lane Finn
Bryant Pond Rothwell Cameron
Buckfield Warren Rachel
Buckfield Burch Simon
Buckfield Foss Hunter
Carthage Brown Gus
Denmark Mango Luke
Dixfield Shurtleff Shelby
Dixfield Welch Carly
Fryeburg Richardson Elise
Greenwood Vermette Savannah
Hartford Shaw Bennett
Hebron Cunneen Marissa
Hebron Bonney Ashleigh
Mexico Arsenault Heather-Anne
Mexico Rowley Bridget
Norway Woodman Tara
Otisfield Pearson Jayne
Oxford Casey Dana
Oxford Bantz Haley
Oxford Hodson Ethan
Oxford Olson Aundrea
Oxford Spinhirn Abriale
Rumford Marston Lindsay
South Paris Gilbert Zachary
South Paris Kelewae Mikaela
South Paris Colby Jayden
South Paris Jordan Molly
Sumner Eastman Jared
Sweden Belle-Isle Robert
Waterford Morin Savanna
West Paris Kurtz Prentiss
West Paris Garcia Paige
West Paris Godin Hope
Town/City Last Name First Name
Bangor Ward Megan
Bangor Bauer Shalyn
Bangor Elliott Rebecca
Brewer Holmes Mikayla
Carmel Allain Alexandria
Dexter Machado Elisha
Hampden McCue Christian
Hampden Elkins Madison
Hampden Flagg Michael
Kenduskeag Byers Brooke
Levant Pullen Madison
Lincoln Tardif Haley
Milford Ketch Allison
Newburgh Giles Bailey
Old Town Oechslie Isabelle
Old Town Moody Charles
Orono Monroe Anne
Orono Pickering Allison
Orrington Hillman Cassie
Plymouth Pelkey Mikayla
Stetson Thomas Sadie
West Enfield Leonard Jordyn
Town/City Last Name First Name
Dover Foxcroft Viera Evan
Dover Foxcroft Smith Mia
Greenville Junction Aucoin Charlotte
Milo Bowers Courtney
Parkman Hession David
Town/City Last Name First Name
Arrowsic DeCato Rylie
Bath Curtis Cody
Bath Chamberlain Benjamin
Bath Kiffer Tristan
Bath Burns Melissa
Bath Nadeau Ruth
Bath Machnitzky Lea
Bath Parker Emily
Bath Sanderson Nicholas
Bath Wunder Kirsten
Bath Yurek Patrick
Bowdoin Wienckowski Taylor
Bowdoinham Rowe George
Bowdoinham Weaver Alana
Georgetown Thibodeau Kevin
Richmond Meagher Molly
Richmond Umberhind Lauren
Richmond Provencal Kyle
Topsham Malbon Abby
Topsham Vermette Devyn
Topsham McKim Nathaniel
Topsham Braley Alishia Mae
Topsham Johnson Steven
Topsham Winokurzew Elsie
Topsham Bourgoin Emily
Topsham Lapointe Hayley
Topsham Porr Matthew
Topsham Jensen Eva
West Bath Bonine Hannah
West Bath Frost Acadia
Woolwich Martin Jack
Woolwich Martin Jack
Woolwich Warnke Katrina
Woolwich Santiago Cameron
Town/City Last Name First Name
Bingham Marden Michaela
Cornville Alward Ashley
Madison Depner Kayla
Palmyra Brown Sarah
Pittsfield Kossowan Sarah
Pittsfield Fitts Madison
Saint Albans Chipman Autumn
Skowhegan Hemphill Ashley
Skowhegan Austin Brianna
Town/City Last Name First Name
Belfast Pickering Madison
Islesboro Bacon Angela
Liberty Ryder Haley
Lincolnville Hallundbaek Emma
Lincolnville Morse Emily
Searsport Parks Cody
Troy Wheeler Matthew
Waldo Donovan Colin
Winterport Sanders Danielle
Winterport Murphy Erin
Town/City Last Name First Name
Addison Chartrand Elizabeth
East Machias Mason Cody
East Machias Molyneaux Oona
Lubec Del Valle Luis
Lubec Briggs Ezra
Pembroke Aretakis Lucia
Trescott Twp Antil Kelsea
Town/City Last Name First Name
Acton Nickerson Morgan
Acton Martin Brent
Acton Goodwin Alyssa
Acton Fawcett Bradley
Alfred Toomey Jessica
Arundel Laverriere Daniel
Arundel Setimo Aira Marie
Arundel Schindler Anna
Arundel Vigneault Jillian
Arundel Michel Adam
Bar Mills Morrison David
Berwick Blais Sarah
Berwick Vandenberg Jackson
Berwick Tasker Nash
Berwick Colantuoni Mia
Biddeford Shacklett Natasha
Biddeford Hilton Harrigan Lissa
Biddeford Pettengill Sarah
Biddeford Hast Katherine
Biddeford Huot Alexis
Biddeford Robertson Rebekah
Biddeford Leonard Jennifer
Biddeford Johnson Curtis
Biddeford Diehl Zachary
Biddeford Lugiano Jeremy
Biddeford Rondeau Ashley
Biddeford Deshaies Michelle
Biddeford Nguyen Kim
Biddeford Collard Briana
Biddeford Wiley Susan
Biddeford Fairoz Syeda
Biddeford Perkins Melanie
Biddeford Huot Brady
Biddeford Gelinas Carissa
Biddeford Martin Erin
Biddeford Libby Olivia
Biddeford Wade Catrina
Biddeford Michaud Melody
Biddeford Winder Wayne
Biddeford Lapointe Erica
Biddeford O'Rourke Kelci
Biddeford Ruel Ashlin
Biddeford Perry Joshua
Biddeford Ginn Lauren
Buxton Said Kirsten
Buxton Cornwall Benjamin
Buxton McCallum Lauren
Buxton Blohm Katie
Buxton Boyd Emily
Buxton Desjardins Zoe
Buxton Caron Lauryn
Buxton Hayes Abigail
Buxton Marsh Danielle
Buxton Bolt Jessica
Buxton Polchies Joseph
Buxton Harmon Travis
Buxton Deering Alex
Buxton Dusseault Albert
Cape Neddick Pantling Aaron
Dayton Pike Zachary
Dayton Stone Roger
Dayton Lachance Danielle
Dayton Maurice Reagan
Dayton Chasse Julia
Dayton Judice Tate
East Waterboro Valliere Marissa
East Waterboro Schepis Elizabeth
East Waterboro Martin Danielle
Eliot Tarr Taylor
Eliot Crilley Hannah
Eliot Normand Kylie
Hollis Center Dyer Taylor
Hollis Center Robertson Caleb
Hollis Center Walker Zachary
Hollis Center Hendrix Kymberly
Hollis Center Machado Samantha
Hollis Center Nichols Clover
Hollis Center Doughty Morgan
Hollis Center Morse Lacey
Kennebunk Miele Madeline
Kennebunk Lapham John
Kennebunk Moore Emily
Kennebunk Jandro Grace
Kennebunk Spaulding Sarah
Kennebunk Seiders Sydney
Kennebunk Perka Clara
Kennebunk Felvinci Julian
Kennebunk Desmarais Brianna
Kennebunk Robert Casey
Kennebunk Rossborough Kylie
Kennebunk Parent Jack
Kennebunk Fitzgerald Keira
Kennebunk Howard Erika
Kennebunkport Comeau Alexander
Kennebunkport Cluff Olivia
Kittery Witkowski Jerome
Kittery Rogers Heidi
Kittery Sisk Jacob
Kittery Mello Cody
Kittery Point Pelkey Caitlin
Lebanon Diaz Diego
Lebanon Strohecker Kara
Lebanon McQueen Nathaniel
Lebanon Currie Benjamin
Lebanon Williams Amy
Lebanon Polletta Dominic
Limerick Adams Devin
Limerick Hebert Jacques
Limerick Curtis Janessa
Limington Melton Tess
Limington Pierrotti Jordan
Lyman LaChance Madison
Lyman Diaz Sarah
Lyman Murray Ronald
Lyman Howe Sarah
Lyman Bitencourt Priscila
Lyman Brooks Lilia
Lyman Godin Alyssa
North Berwick Hashem Sarah
North Berwick Camire Chloe
North Berwick MacVicar Laura
North Berwick Lagerholm Brandon
North Berwick Pay Kali
North Berwick Janocha Ingrid
North Berwick Fenderson Emily
North Berwick Muthig Cara
North Berwick Sprague Abigail
North Waterboro Bryan Melanie
North Waterboro Poulin Alana
North Waterboro Stubbs Garrett
North Waterboro Raymond Carter
Ogunquit Weber Jason
Ogunquit Justice Braden
Old Orchard Beach Perrett Christopher
Old Orchard Beach LaPlante Meghan
Old Orchard Beach Berg Justin
Old Orchard Beach DeRoehn Valerie
Old Orchard Beach Graves Carolyn
Old Orchard Beach Boudreau Alexandra
Old Orchard Beach Fraser Brooke
Old Orchard Beach Collins Olga
Old Orchard Beach Demers Danielle
Old Orchard Beach Tatsak Kendel
Parsonsfield Williams Brandon
Parsonsfield Watson Samantha
Parsonsfield Reed Ryan
Saco Park Elizabeth
Saco Dell'Erba Abigail
Saco Freeman Lucija
Saco Binnie Emma
Saco Penley Samuel
Saco McIntyre Cullen
Saco Jacques Noah
Saco Remick Miranda
Saco Pappavasiliou Juliana
Saco Thurlow Chloe
Saco Morneau Michelle
Saco Mullins Joseph
Saco Hilton Kaitlin
Saco Profenno Mariah
Saco White Samantha
Saco Gailitis Logan
Saco Lacasse Karli
Saco Pelletier Jensyn
Saco LaBelle Meghan
Saco Aliberti Olivia
Saco Mitchell Samantha
Saco Boissonneault Victoria
Saco Smith Stefani
Saco Gourlay Julie
Saco Rolandini Zara
Saco Galley Megan
Saco Johnson Natalie
Saco Lee Abigail
Saco Camire Emily
Saco Houde Nicholas
Saco Sirois Dorina
Saco Braxton Aaron
Sanford Watson Kimberlee
Sanford Chabot Alexandra
Sanford Cole Amanda
Sanford Johnson Quentin
Sanford Fromwiller Frank
Sanford Teung Sarina
Sanford Hilton Tristen
Sanford Blake Breanna
Sanford Lombard Michael
South Berwick Richardson Maxwell
South Berwick Clarke Katherine
South Berwick Kiesman Sacha
South Berwick Knowles Clint
South Berwick McKenney Jacob
South Berwick Mendola Rachelle
Springvale Owen Abigail
Waterboro Cost Emma
Waterboro Amabile Leonardo
Waterboro Valliere Kazandra
Wells Valentino Peter
Wells Clarrage Emma
Wells Lavalle Madison
York Wong Brandon
York McMurray Patricia
York O'Brien Conner
York Evans Heather
York Henson Emma
York Byrne Hayley
York Kief Dominique
York Daigneault Hannah
York Beach Fredette Addison
York Harbor Connolly Malory

Out-of-State Students

Students from outside Maine who have met the Dean's List criteria, organized by home state.

County Town/City Last Name First Name
Anchorage Anchorage Mello Jordan
Anchorage Anchorage Liotta Anne
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Jefferson Mountain Brk Henry Patrick
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Alameda Alameda Takamura Helene
Los Angeles Valencia Papayoanou Adam
Orange Huntington Beach Wilmot BreeAnna
Orange La Palma Hodges Bryan
Orange Trabuco Canyon Ferrera Conor
Siskiyou Mount Shasta Saryon Elina
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Boulder Erie Blanchette Maeve
Boulder Lafayette Berry Olivia
Mesa Fruita Bowman Kara
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Fairfield Stamford Kraftsow Samantha
Hartford East Granby Grant Jaequan
Hartford Granby Van Nostrand Hala
Hartford South Windsor Gemmell Allison
Litchfield New Preston Marble Dale Dowler Brendan
Middlesex Higganum Kocsis Valeda
New Haven East Haven DiPietro Jasmyn
New Haven Prospect Moutinho Mitchill
New Haven Wallingford McCormick Allison
New London Mystic Smith Benjamin
Tolland Hebron Delissio Lauren
Windham Brooklyn Henault Chloe
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Cherokee Woodstock Adams Katherine
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Honolulu Haleiwa Akin Lilah
County Town/City Last Name  First Name
Cook Winnetka Richman David
Saint Clair Scott Air Force Base Nguyen Nicole
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Barnstable Dennis Port Jusell Khala
Barnstable Yarmouth Port O'Hara Madeline
Berkshire Dalton White Abigail
Bristol Fairhaven Canastra Taylor
Bristol Seekonk Gagliardi Joseph
Essex Amesbury Stemp Nathaniel
Essex Essex Lewiecki Marisa
Essex Gloucester Marshall Jared
Essex North Andover Kinsey Robert
Essex North Andover Mencia Alexiz
Essex Peabody Rice Dana
Essex Rockport Woodson Naomi
Essex Salem Ogah Jeremiah
Hampshire Easthampton Lefebvre Hunter
Middlesex Billerica Grise Isabelle
Middlesex Hopkinton Yenawine Lea
Middlesex Malden Brown Alexis
Middlesex Malden Russo Alexandria
Middlesex Marlborough Mayfield Megan
Middlesex North Billerica Gibbs Emily
Middlesex Stoneham Maimone Sarah
Middlesex Stoneham Little Allison
Middlesex Watertown Gardiner Tyler
Norfolk Canton Campbell Sarah
Norfolk Millis Fagan Bridget
Plymouth East Bridgewater McKenzie Jordan
Plymouth Manomet Colbert Shannon
Plymouth Marshfield Garcia Jared
Plymouth Middleboro Carey Benjamin
Plymouth Scituate Antenore Bradley
Plymouth Wareham DeAngelis Nicholas
Worcester Barre Clark Kayley
Worcester Barre St Pierre Courtney
Worcester Bolton Pelland Joshua
Worcester Charlton Trudel Elizabeth
Worcester Northborough Anderson Samuel
Worcester Rutland Martelli Meredith
  Chelmsford Ciccarelli Peter
  Dartmouth Ponte Nicole
  Feeding Hills Lockwood Madison
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Calvert Lusby Blackwell Donna
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Hennepin Maple Grove Padgett Whitney
Hennepin Minneapolis Enzler Sylvia
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Belknap Alton Hamilton Andrew
Belknap Alton Bay Roberts Ryley
Belknap Barnstead Simoneau Kari
Carroll Center Conway Lucy Levi
Carroll Conway Ricker Jack
Carroll Conway Huntress-Beecher Lisa
Carroll Effingham Kaichen Kristen
Carroll North Conway Sullivan Thomas
Cheshire Richmond Tomer Ashlyn
Coos Berlin Theriault Emily
Coos Dummer Glover Sadie
Coos Gorham Hallisey Jacquelyn
Coos Gorham York Emily
Coos Milan Binette Rylie
Grafton Piermont Trapp Cooper-John
Hillsborough Goffstown Lescatre Emily
Hillsborough Hollis Davidson Derek
Hillsborough Hudson Erickson Jace
Hillsborough Manchester Curtis Abigail
Hillsborough Manchester Neilson Ryan
Hillsborough Merrimack Cormier Kyle
Hillsborough Merrimack Harrington Neal
Hillsborough Merrimack Franklin Kayla
Hillsborough Nashua Pease Tammie
Hillsborough Wilton Morris Zandra
Merrimack Bow Porath Rachel
Merrimack Bradford Bourcier Thatcher
Merrimack Concord Ruffin Keenan
Merrimack Northfield Raymond Lindsay
Merrimack Warner Stasalovich Kevin
Rockingham Auburn Christopher Olivia
Rockingham Candia Michaud Sarah
Rockingham Exeter Murphy Jonathan
Rockingham Exeter Corey Elizabeth
Rockingham Exeter Carpentier Troy
Rockingham Londonderry Pirolli Anthony
Rockingham Newmarket Samuelson Kathryn
Rockingham Newton Dolan Emma
Rockingham Newton Doccola Molly
Rockingham North Hampton Nofsker Sarah
Rockingham Seabrook Paradis Kevin
Strafford Dover Stevens Jennifer
Strafford Dover Zuchowski Evan
Strafford Rochester Lucas Danielle
Strafford Rochester Gathmann Jeffrey
Strafford Rochester Brown Taylor
Strafford Strafford Lamontagne Jessica
County Town/City Last Name  First Name
Gloucester Sewell Bickel Julianna
Passaic West Milford Pych Lindsay
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Clinton Rouses Point McDonough Aislyn
Montgomery Amsterdam Duffy Christopher
Onondaga Marietta Keegan Maverick
Orange Tuxedo Park Rattazzi Kathleen
Richmond Staten Island Pluas Melissa
Suffolk Mount Sinai Scalamandre Marc
Suffolk Shirley Finger Samantha
Warren Queensbury Meehl Kerry
Yates Penn Yan Owens Ashley
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Adams Gettysburg Merryman Jessica
Chester Pottstown Coughlin Kurtis
Clearfield Houtzdale Lutchko Desiree
Juniata Mifflin Kirkland Shaman
Lackawanna South Abington Township Stoppe Megan
Luzerne Wilkes Barre Scatena Girard
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Providence Chepachet Cookson Erinn
Providence Greenville Lehane Adam
Providence North Scituate Greene Autumn
Providence North Smithfield Evangelista Britney
Providence Rumford Tewksbury Katelynn
Washington Hope Valley Myrtle Zachary
Washington Wakefield Etter Hannah
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Brown Aberdeen Dore Kyle
County  Town/City Last Name First Name
Addison Middlebury Lepri Brittani
Bennington Shaftsbury Hogan Cody
Caledonia Hardwick Gaboriault Benjamin
Caledonia Lyndonville Doty Brianna
Caledonia Saint Johnsbury Brink Allison
Chittenden Colchester Vesosky Thomas
Chittenden Essex Junction Trahan Kathryn
Chittenden Milton Harton Mychaela
Chittenden Winooski Treadwell Samuel
Franklin Fairfax King Samantha
Franklin Fairfield Howrigan Kimberly
Franklin Saint Albans Willis Samantha
Grand Isle North Hero Shaw Laura
Lamoille Johnson Jewett Jordyn
Orleans Derby Green Saigelyn
Orleans Derby Deroehn Jonathan
Orleans Derby Crouch Brianna
Orleans Derby Line Laffoon Riley
Orleans Orleans Close Emily
Rutland Rutland Duxbury Jennifer
Washington Barre Ormsby Julia
Washington Barre Taylor Kloey
Washington Moretown Potter Molly
Washington Waterbury LaPerle Makayla
Windham Brattleboro Whitworth Emily
Windsor Proctorsville Martel Sarah
Windsor South Royalton Nelson Kylen
Windsor Springfield Clark Courtney
County Town/City Last Name First Name
Snohomish Snohomish King Kaetlyn

International Students

Students from outside the United States who have met the Dean's List criteria, organized by home country.

Town/City Last Name First Name
Greensborough Van hout Bailey
State Town/City Last Name First Name
AB Sherwood Park Lynes Maverick
BC Abbotsford Dundas Tristan
ON Carp Kyte John
ON Kenora Withers Adam
QC Blainville Leger Paul
QC Montreal Srolovitz Alexandra
QC Saint-Laurent Kestenbaum Jesse
Town/City Last Name First Name
Lyss Scheidegger Joanna
Town/City Last Name First Name
Elvange (Schengen) Schmidt Anouk
Town/City Last Name First Name
Bajhang Bogati Sandhya
Butwal Basnet Ankit
Kathmandu Shrestha Nandati
Kathmandu Gurung Biken
Nawalparasi Bhusal Shiva
Parbat Kandel Deepak
Pyuthan Dhakal Rajan


Students for whom hometown information is not available.

Last Name First Name
Leighton Cole
Wakita Aya
Obrey Miles
Chase Alexandrea
Nickless Yanina
Nickless Yanina
Mason Emily
Berry Stacey
King Tristan
Cope-Ferland Tiana
Wetherby Selena
Skluzacek Chelsea
Kane Marilyn
Soule Samantha
Burke Moira
Hargreaves Taylor
Eriksen Stacey
Freytag Wistar Kala
Crabtree Kayla

About the Dean's List

At the end of the fall and spring semesters, full-time, undergraduate degree students (defined as those who completed 12 credit hours or more, with a minimum of 12 letter graded credits A-F, unless specific Pass/Fail credits are required by the student's program), and excluding developmental credits with course numbers less than 100, with grade point average of 3.6 or above will be placed on the Dean's List.

Students with Incomplete or Missing Grades (I or MG) at the point when the Dean's List is produced (approximately 35 days after the end of a fall or spring semester) will not be eligible for the Dean's List. A notation will be made on the transcript of those who earn the Dean's List distinction. Those students on the Dean's List whose names appear in the public directory of the University will have their names released to the news media.

Students who attend both the fall and the spring semesters as part-time degree students and who meet the above full-time Dean's List criteria when the fall and spring semesters are combined are eligible for the academic year Dean's List at the end of the spring semester. A notation will be made on the transcript of those who earn the academic year Dean's List distinction.

*Please Note: Effective July 1, 2017: The University of Southern Maine has approved a university-wide academic policy for Dean’s List criteria, aligning the criteria with that for graduation with Latin Honors. Students with grade point averages of 3.6 or above will be placed on Dean's List. The required GPA formerly was 3.4.