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Graduate Spotlight '22: Sandra and Tyler Revie

Tyler and Sandra Revie

Name: Sandra Revie and Tyler Revie 

Town: Standish 

Major: Literacy Education and Electrical Engineering 

Tyler Revie enrolled in USM first. 

He was just out of high school, a traditional student attracted by USM’s Science faculty, green campus initiatives, and location. He decided to get a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering toward a career in solar energy.

Sandra Revie, his mom, enrolled a couple of years later. She wanted a Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy Education to further her career as a teacher. She knew a member of USM’s Education faculty, who encouraged her to check out the program. It was the perfect fit. 

This week, mother and son will graduate together. 

“I feel like we helped each other be better students. If you have someone you’re accountable to all the time who has a closer relationship to you than a college professor, it definitely feels different,” Tyler said. “It’s like, ‘Have you done all your homework?’ ‘Yes, Mom.’”

At 21, Tyler is the oldest of three Revie kids and the first of his siblings to attend college. He lived at home while attending USM, but opposing schedules meant he and Sandra couldn’t commute to class together. But he advised her on campus parking and they shopped for school supplies together. Tyler provided Sandra with tech support. She provided what she called “mom support.”

“I make his food and I make sure his laundry’s clean. . . Because right now especially, he’s in his last year and it’s been a lot of work for him,” she said. “I think we supported and cheered each other along the way.”

He’s been extra busy for good reason: Tyler is doing solar energy research funded by NASA through the Maine Space Grant Consortium. 

After graduation, Sandra plans to remain a teacher, though she may pursue her career goal of becoming a literacy specialist. Tyler plans to work in solar energy, though he’s open to exactly what that will look like. 

“Whenever I stop and think, ‘Hey, this is the end, what’s next?’ I kind of think, ‘Well, stop thinking that it’s the end. You can continue with whatever you want after this. It’s a milestone, it’s a success,’” he said. “I’ve kind of just figured if it’s a success, I have my success. She has her success. If we can be successful together, that should be the goal.”