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Innovative student projects presented at the USM Ci2 Lab - virtual reality, augmented reality and more

Students from Ci2 lab Corporate Partners event

On May 2, the University of Southern Maine Corporate Partners presented a first-ever student showcase, "Look what I Made!" at the USM Ci2 Lab, an experiential student work lab focused on research and learning. The evening was the closing event in the USM Corporate Partners 2018 Spring Series showcasing innovation in education and the workplace; the series was generously sponsored by MEMIC, in honor of the newly established MEMIC John T. Leonard Chair in Risk Management & Insurance.

In the USM Ci2 Lab, students work collaboratively across disciplines and develop creative problem solving, critical thinking and marketable skills. Their projects demonstrate creative research and entrepreneurship.

The student projects in the May 2 showcase included digital art, filmmaking, virtual reality neurosurgery, game design, photogrammetry, quadcopters, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, aqua frame, video game concept art and music composition.

Matt Harmon, Senior Vice President, Claims at MEMIC said, “Technology, innovation and creativity are vital to the insurance industry too. It’s very exciting to see USM doing things like the Ci2 lab. At MEMIC we are always looking for creative, fresh ideas, and having graduating students like the ones at Ci2 come to work with us is important.”

Student Ci2Here are just a few highlights of the close to 20 student projects presented. Congratulations to the full group of students listed below! You can catch a glimpse of more people and projects in the Ci2 slideshow.

Jared Lank, Master’s in Public Policy ‘18 -- Jared studied Sustainable Development and Geospatial Technology, and his undergraduate degree is in Anthropology/Geography at USM. His project involved creating virtual reality land space, recreating proposed development using virtual reality via a photogrammetry architectural model. He scanned real-world texture (such as rocks) and imported it into the program. An architect could use this to virtually show a client exactly what a space will feel like, or for a municipality, the public could see what a particular proposed development would look like in that neighborhood. He’s currently looking for work with architects and urban planning and hopes to do this sort of spacial modeling on the side.

Student Ci2 LabMichael Jones, Physics ‘18 -- A physicist and developer, Michael created a virtual reality neurosurgery application in the Ci2 Lab. He enjoyed creating this project which involves quantitative math and strategy. His motion capture suit allows surgeons to practice surgery and takes this to an entirely new level of sophistication. Surgeons in training can tell how much exact pressure they’re putting on a specific area of the brain when performing this delicate surgery. It can also be used to program robotic surgeons and shows the stress and strain by multitudes of data points. Michael will be attending Columbia University this fall to get a Medical Physics degree. He started school at SMCC for 2 years, and then came to USM: “I never would have imagined this path for myself - from SMCC to Ivy League - I’m so excited to move to NYC.”

Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson, Computer Science, Art -- A junior, Megan went to SMCC for 2 years before coming to USM. Studying coding and art, she works on doing digital art characters for video games in the Ci2 lab. She takes projects on commission and also taught herself how to do 2-D “sprites” in video gaming. She loves coming up to the Ci2 Lab because she "gets her creative energy there - it’s a quiet place to meet other people with the same interests."


Ci2 Lab Student Innovation Showcase students and projects:

Megan Anderson
, Digital art and programming; Elizabeth Darragh, Digital art storytelling and design; Kosal Doeur, Filmmaking and visual effects; Andrew Henward, Studio Art; Michael Jones, Virtual Reality Neurosurgery; Julia Labanowski, RPG video game design; Jared Lank, Photogrammetry; Justin O’Malley, VRAge: Virtual Reality Art Gallery Experience; Zachary Ouellette, Augmented Reality Companions; Ray Pitcher, Digital Art, comics and marketing; Alex Rediker, Roboman - Virtual reality jet pack simulation, A.K. Smith, 3D printing and machining, Alex Strong, Aquaframe: Self watering planting frame, Clyne Sullivan; Bitcalc - A graphing calculator from scratch; Cooper Towns, 3D object design and printing and energy storing bicycle; Torie Trynor, Video game design and concept art; Anthony Viola (Ci2 alumni), Arcudigm - Geospatial data collection and analysis, Bryan Waring, Music composition for film, games and performance.

Check out some of the other current projects at the Ci2 Lab, or sign up for a tour