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Lakes Region Weekly, American Journal highlight the importance of USM Art Galleries ‘Portals’ exhibit

On January 26, the Lakes Region Weekly and American Journal reported on the opening reception of USM’s “Portals: Work by Maine Art Education Association Members” exhibition and highlighted its significance for both teachers and their students.

The exhibition serves as an opportunity to bring together the creative work of art educators from around the state of Maine to celebrate the studio practice and exploration that takes place beyond the classroom.

Rachel Somerville, the art director at the Westbrook School Department, said “it’s essential for all teachers, no matter what their subject, to have a place to practice.”

Joe McLaughlin, an art teacher at Windham High School, noted the exhibit’s impact on his students, saying “when they can see that I’m creating as well, I’m believable. They understand that I actually practice what I preach.”

The story was written by James Jelin. Read the full story here.