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Lexi Bartlett, 2019 Featured Graduate

Portrait of Lexi Bartlett

Lexi Bartlett grew up in Houlton, Maine, the last exit on the 1,908-mile-long highway, Interstate 95. Since enrolling at USM she has become an international traveller, taking school trips to both Iceland and China. And she’s getting ready for another leap abroad after she graduates from USM, where she earned cum laude honors with her bachelor’s degree in political science.

What led you to pursue your education at USM? I chose USM because I love the Portland area —  even though it's only four hours from where I grew up, Southern Maine is so much different than Northern Maine culturally, geographically, and otherwise. I get to have a whole new experience here while enjoying in-state tuition.

Have you had an experience at USM that you feel changed your life or your view of the world? The Honors trip to Iceland my freshman year really got me interested in travelling and the possibility of living or working abroad someday. It inspired me to continue looking for travel opportunities, which led to me going to China in July of 2018. Even though USM is a relatively small school, it is filled with opportunities, and I am no longer shy about grasping those opportunities when they arise. I also got involved with Maine Model UN my freshman year. Two years later, I am still involved and acting as the Secretary-General. This experience has taught I'm capable of leading, and my research into the United Nations for this project has given me a wider global consciousness and perspective.

What are your future plans? I will be leaving for Morocco in September with the Peace Corps! My title will be Youth Development Specialist, so I'll be working with children and young adults. I'll be there for two years, after which I plan on attending grad school. My dream job is to be a Foreign Service Officer.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank? Randy Inosencio (JMG), Professor Timothy Ruback, Honors Director Rebecca Nisetich, my best friends Tracy, Emma and Liz, and my amazingly supportive family. There are lots of other people too, but the list would be miles long if I named them all.