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Maine Center for Creativity to host annual Creative Toolbox Series at USM

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Portland, Maine — The Maine Center for Creativity, in collaboration with the University of Southern Maine and sponsored by Fairchild Semiconductor, will host its annual Creative Toolbox Series Wednesday, May 9th from 6 – 8 p.m. at the University of Southern Maine.

USM Professor Raphael DiLuzio and Joseph Giordano from Syneticsworld will be discussing design science in relationship to businesses, a cross-discipline method for individuals to dynamically engage in collaborative groups for creative problem stating and solving.

What: Maine Center for Creativity’s Creative Toolbox Series
Where: USM Portland campus, Wishcamper Center, room 102. Free campus parking
When: 6 – 8 p.m., May 9th
Cost: $35 registration fee: $15 for MCC members & USM Alumni; free for USM students.

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Maine Center for Creativity

Raphael DiLuzio, professor of art and new media at the University of Southern Maine will share his insight and partake in a question and answer session on Design Science and how it can affect your business.  The event’s guest speaker will be Joe Giordano, from Synectics World, Cambridge, Mass.

Design Science draws from the core synectics, visual and process thinking into a combined theoretical approach, tool set and coherent cognitive method.  Elements of all these, especially design and visual thinking, are innate aspects of how we perceive the world.  Unfortunately, both design and visual thinking are neither developed nor nurtured as we grow from childhood to adulthood.  Many aspects of our life require visual thought, and design is directly or indirectly a part of many disciplines and fields of study.

Raphael DiLuzio is a writer, dreamer, imagineer, inventor and artist whose practice is centered in visual image making, primarily in the relationship between traditional studio art and digital time-based media. He is a practicing artist and tenured professor of art and new media the University of Southern Maine.  DiLuzio actively writes and publishes his theories on time-based painting and working in a time-based medium as well as critically examining how new and/or time-based media affects our culture. DiLuzio continues to produce new works exhibited internationally, most recently in Belarus, Geneva, Barcelona, Slovenia and Rhode Island.  He currently resides in Maine.

Joe Giordano is a principal with Synecticsworld, Inc. a Cambridge-based company specializing in innovation.  Currently, Giordano is working with organizations who are seeking breakthroughs by helping individuals and teams collaborate, become more creative and inventive, and develop newness within their organization. He works with organizations on developing consumer and customer insights, new product development, branding, positioning and process improvement.  Giordano’s specialties include learning and development program design and delivery, competency development and mapping and large meeting design and facilitation for behavioral change.

About Design Science:

Design Science Combined is a cross-discipline method for individuals to dynamically engage in collaborative groups for creative problem stating and solving.  Design Science enables the individual and group to focus both on the problem and solution simultaneously. At the core of Design Science Combined is the fundamental quest to use analytical, quantitative or qualitative models derived from a variety of disciplines along with synectics, visual and design thinking, creative problem stating and solving skills, and link them in a demanding project driven process-centric decision-making framework.

About Maine Center for Creativity:

The Maine Center for Creativity (MCC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) led by a volunteer board of directors. Founded in May 2005, MCC is committed to nurturing innovative companies and people in Maine by developing projects and programs that support the growth of creative industries and the arts. Among its educational and creative projects, MCC is organizing Art All Around™, an international design competition to paint the Sprague Energy tanks in South Portland, the Creative Toolbox Series, and Pecha Kucha events in Maine.  For more information, please visit Maine Center for Creativity.