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Maine Poet Laureate highlights ‘Students’ by USM’s Goodale on Maine Public

portrait of Rebecca Goodale

Maine Poet Laureate Stuart Kestenbaum recently highlighted the poem, “Students,” by USM’s Rebecca Goodale for his Maine Public radio program, “Poems from Here.”

Goodale has been part of the USM art faculty for more than 40 years and serves as the coordinator of the Kate Cheney Chappell '83 Center for Book Arts.

Kestenbaum talked about Goodale’s work and read her poem.

“She creates unique and limited edition books, many of them with sculptural components,” Kestenbaum said. “Since 2000 she has been creating Artist’s Books about Maine’s rare plants and animals. Her books are in many private and public collections.

He also quoted Goodale: “My process for writing is similar to making a collage- I often get it all down with pen and paper and then I often cut apart the stanzas (or lines) and rearrange them. Then I cut more and more away and then, like a visual book, I look for a certain rhythm and pace.”

Hear the full recording at Maine Public.