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Muskie School professor quoted in LA Times

USM Professor of Environmental Policy Travis Wagner

Muskie School of Public Service Professor of Environmental Policy Travis Wagner was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article discussing the decision by certain companies to remove plastic products from their businesses.

The article mentioned that though the removal of plastic straws from Starbucks and other companies is a step in the right direction, it is far from the solution to the global plastic problem.

Minimizing the use of plastic will likely remain a social responsibility of food and beverage companies, rather than become law.

“It is extremely difficult to adopt laws at the federal and state level because of focused lobbying, it is easier for grassroots groups to pressure businesses like Starbucks,” Wagner said.

Environmentally-conscious changes to these businesses show, “There are enough consumers who care to make a difference,” Wagner said.

Photo of Travis Wagner courtesy of Ben McCanna, Portland Press Herald

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