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Muskie School’s Andrew Coburn co-writes article for the Portland Press Herald

USM Professor of Public Health Andrew Coburn recently wrote an article for the Portland Press Herald on the difference in health of Maine’s citizens based on income. Coburn, along with Deborah Deatrick, the senior vice president for community health at Maine Health, explored the relationship between income and health after the University of Wisconsin released research on the subject.

Together, they found that the rural, less wealthy counties in Maine: Washington, Aroostook, Piscataquis, Androscoggin and Somerset also have the poorest health among their residents. Coburn and Deatrick mentioned the idea of “two Maines” alluding to the idea that there is a thriving part of Maine, “Where Mainers are doing well economically, they are among the healthiest people in the nation”. Coburn and Deatrick went on to say that this report is not an “indictment” but rather a “call to action”.

 To read the full article in the Portland Press Herald, click here.