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New Fall 2017 enrollment numbers show surging growth at USM

scenic image from the Portland Campus

The University of Southern Maine's just-compiled enrollment numbers show increases in new students, a rise in credit hours and a double-digit surge of new honors students and presidential scholars.

For the fifth straight semester, from fall 2015 through fall 2017, the numbers of new students are increasing.

Overall, the university's student population is 7,794.

The population includes a 0.4 percent increase in matriculated undergraduate students and a 5.53 percent increase in matriculated graduate students. Credit hours are up 3.1 percent. Presidential scholars -- extraordinary high school students who are awarded $4,000 to $12,000 per year in USM scholarships -- are up 41 percent.

Meanwhile, the university has met fall revenue goals.

"It's good news when students and their families have faith in us and our value," USM President Glenn Cummings said. "It means we're attracting students and we're keeping students who will thrive. And that's really our job, to make them successful."

Other increases include a 17 percent rise in out-of-state undergraduate students, a 3 percent rise in Maine undergrads, a 71 percent increase in international undergrads and an 11 percent hike in residential students.

"The faculty and staff at USM are committed to focusing on our students everyday and the enrollment numbers reflect this service promise," said Nancy Davis Griffin, USM's Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs.

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