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Photo of USM music associate professor Daniel Sonenberg
Daniel Sonenberg, associate professor of music at the University of Southern Maine, and three of his former students are set to share their debut album with the public Dec. 18.
USM Professor Daniel Martinez
USM Environmental Science and Policy Professor Daniel Martinez' book on energy, "Valuing Energy for Global Needs," discusses the need for alternative energy sources, particularly in the developing world.
Photo at first-ever Doctor of Nursing Practice student presentations
A first-in-Maine doctoral program aimed at training nurses to be policy makers and procedural experts graduated its first class Friday, Dec. 18 at the University of Southern Maine.
Photo of the Behavioral Health Center and Education Fair at USM
The Behavioral Health Career and Education Fair at the University of Southern Maine had a special focus on reaching out for participants to organizations such as the Young People in Recovery.
Photo courtesy of the Portland Press Herald showing the heroin processing chain
J. David Canarie Jr., adjunct business professor at the University of Southern Maine, believes that the heroin epidemic is "really a manifestation of the evolution of supply chain management -- expanding distribution channels and applying them to heroin distribution."
Photo of Peter Harriman
The Maine Small Business Development Center located at the University of Southern Maine has recently hired local resident Peter Harriman as their new business advisor.
Photo of the Portland Press Herald Housing forum featuring Prof. Emeritus Barringer
The Muskie School's founding director, Richard Barringer, used his prior experience as Maine's previous director of public lands to weigh in on Portland's housing shortage. The lack of real estate calls for more development and protection for Portland tenants.
The 10th anniversary awards luncheon by College for ME-Androscoggin celebrated exceptional college students who overcame great obstacles to obtain their degrees and those who supported them. Two of the three students being praised were proud USM graduates.
Gorham Times article featuring USM students mentoring schoolkids
Thirteen USM students worked weekly to mentor 16 school children during the fall semester as part of an elective focusing on community outreach. Their story was featured in the Gorham Times.
USM Sustainability's Steve Sweeney scraping a half-eaten salad into a barrel
In January, when students return from their winter break, Sweeney and others plan to kick off an education campaign aimed at encouraging the people who use the dining hall to eat as much as they wish ... and eat what they take.


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