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The 10th anniversary awards luncheon by College for ME-Androscoggin celebrated exceptional college students who overcame great obstacles to obtain their degrees and those who supported them. Two of the three students being praised were proud USM graduates.
Gorham Times article featuring USM students mentoring schoolkids
Thirteen USM students worked weekly to mentor 16 school children during the fall semester as part of an elective focusing on community outreach. Their story was featured in the Gorham Times.
USM Sustainability's Steve Sweeney scraping a half-eaten salad into a barrel
In January, when students return from their winter break, Sweeney and others plan to kick off an education campaign aimed at encouraging the people who use the dining hall to eat as much as they wish ... and eat what they take.
USM Engineering students Ryker Turcotte and Dave Stevens with jet engine they built
Ryker Turcotte and Dave Stevens, mechanical engineering majors, unveiled their senior project, the first turbo jet engine created by students at the University of Southern Maine. The jet engine will be used by the engineering school to illustrate principles in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.
Photo of former USM women's basketball coach Gary Fifield being interviewed by the media at the dedication of "Fifield Court" Dec. 1
The illustrious career and legacy of former University of Southern Maine head women's basketball coach Gary Fifield was celebrated on Dec. 1 with the naming of "Fifield Court."
Photo of USM Associate Professor of Media Studies David Pierson
David Pierson's 232-page collection of essays, "Breaking Bad: Critical Essays on the Contexts, Politics, Style, and Reception of the Television Series," was just released in paperback, he was quoted by Smithsonian Magazine, and he's currently working on a new book that examines Walter White's contemporaries.
USM students at School of Music Gala's 25th Anniversary
This signature annual event and kick-off to the holiday season highlights the formidable talent of USM School of Music students, entertains hundreds of guests and most importantly, raises more than $50,000 to help these talented young musicians' dreams come.
USM Environmental Studies students research Alewives
USM Environmental Science faculty members Theodore Willis and Karen Wilson's research on alewives was recently published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. The report showed that Maine's alewife and blueback herring populations are recovering, while those of southern New England are declining rapidly .
George Shaler, Director of the Maine Statistical Analysis Center
More than half (54.0%) of all respondents to the University of Southern Maine Muskie School's 2015 Maine Crime Victimization Survey (MCVS) report being a victim of some type of criminal activity in the past 12 months.
Photo of USM Psychology Professor John Broida courtesy of the Portland Press Herald and Broida's family
Although Psychology Professor John Broida lost his battle with pancreatic cancer this past September, students his online Psych 101 course continue to reap the benefits of his teaching.


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