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Physics Professor Paul Nakroshis and Maine professors recruit 706 colleagues to sign letter to President Trump on climate change

USM Physics Professor Paul Nakroshis on WGME 13

A letter co-authored by USM Physics Professor Paul Nakroshis imploring newly-elected President Donald Trump to make climate change an "urgent priority" has earned the attention of Maine media.

The Portland Press Herald reports that Nakroshis, associate professor of physics, and co-authors, Mark Battle and Madeleine Msall, recruited 706 physicists and astronomers to co-sign the letter. Battle and Msall are both physics professors at Bowdoin College.

Nakroshis and his co-authors use the letter to state three "central" points. First, that it has been scientifically proven that the earth is at its warmest since 1850. Second, that the scientific community believes that human use of fossil fuels is the primary contributor to the planet's warming. And Third, that climate change could lead to severe disruptions of everyday life if not addressed.

The co-signers of the letter come from colleges and universities across the country, representing 45 different states.

"Addressing climate change will involve short-term costs, but will also mean new investments, new jobs and new opportunities for global leadership; things that Americans around the country will welcome," the letter reads.

"President-elect Trump, we implore you to address the threat of climate change immediately. In so doing, you have a unique opportunity to make America an even greater country and secure a better future for all the children of the world." the letter continues.

In an interview with WGME 13 TV, Nakroshis stated that solar and wind industries are performing better in terms of employment prospects as opposed to the coal and natural gas industries.

It's "really where the future lies," added Nakroshis.

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