Office of Public Affairs

Policy for Followers of USM Social Media

The University of Southern Maine welcomes and encourages you to engage with USM in social media. We monitor the official USM Facebook,  Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms regularly in order to answer any questions or correct factually inaccurate statements. We promote healthy and respectful dialogue, including disagreements, but not personal attacks or language that can be considered offensive, vile, or threatening to a person or group of people.

To the best of our abilities, we will review all comments to all official USM social media platforms and will remove any that are duplicate posts; potential personal attacks or offensive language; illegal suggestions; advertisements, SPAM, or other solicitation; or violate state or federal law or university policy. We will also remove any user content we become aware of, or are notified of, that violates the social media platforms' Terms of Use. Individuals who do not follow USM's social media compliance policy may be banned from USM social media platforms.

Comments posted by followers do not represent the opinions of USM. 

We do not post advertisements, promotional material, or information for non-USM events.

Commercial or financial solicitations are not allowed on any USM-affiliated account, with the exception of USM-sponsored fundraising purposes.

Following the USM Social Media Policy
Anyone interacting in USM Social Media is required to follow this policy. The University of Southern Maine will not tolerate content that infringes on proprietary information, or that is defamatory, obscene, harassing, or that otherwise violates law or University of Maine System Policy. Those violating this policy may be brought to the appropriate governing body for disciplinary or legal action.