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Portland artist Clint Fulkerson opens USM Art Department and Galleries’ spring 2017 season with “Fluid Geometry” exhibit, new mural in Portland

Unity by Clint Fulkerson

Beginning on January 17, the USM Art Department and Galleries will present the exhibition “Fluid Geometry” by prolific Portland-based mixed media artist Clint Fulkerson. Fulkerson is currently creating a new mural on the wall of the USM AREA Gallery in Portland, and will also exhibit 15 paintings based on intricate compositions of repeating geometric shapes. 

Carolyn Eyler, Director of Exhibitions and Programs at USM, said “we are pleased to highlight the fluidity of Clint Fulkerson’s geometrical investigations by complementing his recent public art commission on the Gorham campus with an exhibition of his two-dimensional art in the AREA Gallery.”

(VIDEO: Watch a time-lapse of the creation of Clint Fulkerson's mural for the USM AREA Gallery)

Fulkerson’s 8’ stainless steel “Pentakis Icosidodecahedron Spaceframe", installed in 2016 on natural terrain and centrally located between the arts buildings and across from Bailey Hall on the Gorham campus, is the result of a Percent for Art process facilitated by the Maine Arts Commission. Percent for Art is a state program mandating that a small percentage of the construction cost for state public buildings be dedicated to the creation of a public artwork.

PentakissEyler was a member of the Percent for Art Committee, tasked with reviewing submissions for a public artwork due to a major science wing renovation on the USM Gorham campus. Selection criteria included that the artwork evoke the intellectual pursuits of a university campus. Eyler said “our committee was uniformly impressed with the quality of Clint’s drawings and intrigued by his proposal for a convex polyhedron with 80 triangular faces. It was hard to imagine how his sketch for a welded public sculpture might manifest in 3 dimensions, especially as he had no prior public art commissions. However, we decided he should be given a chance as a finalist to provide a model and fabrication plan.” Clint’s thoughtful presentation and detailed, realistic plan for a maintenance-free and vandal-proof sculpture earned Fulkerson the commission.

He has since executed several other state-wide Percent for Art commissions and will be following up his interior mural at the Facebook headquarters in New York City with a permanent installation of designed wallpaper for 4 floors of the Google offices in Boulder, CO. 

In response to Fulkerson’s recent commissions, Eyler said “it is no surprise that tech companies, art critics and the general public respond to his imagery, suggestive of neural networks, the earth’s organic formations and the dynamics of motion observed in a drop of paint.” 

Mark Wethli, a Brunswick, Maine painter, public artist and also the A. LeRoy Greason Professor of Art at Bowdoin College, has said “reminiscent of early Renaissance perspective drawings by Piero or Uccello, or the wireframe drawings used today in computer generated imagery, Fulkerson employs his own version of this graphic language to create his signature compositions of obsessively drawn, improvisational and volumetric designs.”  

Blue Nebula by Clint FulkersonAn opening reception for “Fluid Geometry” will take place on February 2, which will include an artist talk by Fulkerson. Later in the semester, he will participate in a public discussion on public art and government funding for artists with Julie Horn, Visual Arts Director and Percent for Art Associate for the Maine Arts Commission. The discussion is funded by the Warren Memorial Foundation Visiting Artist Series and will take place on March 3 on USM’s Gorham campus. 

Clint Fulkerson: Fluid Geometry

January 17-March 31, 2017

USM AREA Gallery, Woodbury Campus Center, Portland 

Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Opening Reception: February 2, 5-7 pm, Artist Talk at 6 pm. 

Snow Date: February 9

USM AREA Gallery, Woodbury Campus Center, Portland

Discussion: Public Art and Government Funding for Artists

With Clint Fulkerson and Julie Horn, Visual Arts Director and Percent for Art Associate for the Maine Arts Commission. 

Friday, March 3, 1-2 pm.

Burnham Lounge, Robie Andrews Hall, Gorham. Admission Free. Funded by the Warren Memorial Foundation Visiting Artist Series. 

All exhibitions and events hosted by the USM Art Department and Gallery are free and open to the public. For more information visit

Artist Statement:

My artwork features complex patterns and forms made by an accumulation of hand drawn marks. Each new mark is applied in response to the previous one and so on. For each piece I set up a starting condition and devise a set of rules, which are much like algorithms, that limit what and how forms develop. Beginning a piece is a moment of unlimited potential and the final results are often unexpected, which I find extremely exciting. I use this emergent process regardless of the media I choose, and I typically make drawings, prints, and paintings closely related to the artistic tradition of geometric abstraction.

As I work, I force myself to slow down and consider each moment in the present. This allows me to contemplate a myriad of influences and integrate them both intentionally and subconsciously in the placement of the marks. Some of these influences come specifically from science, math, and information technology, but more generally from my innate curiosity about the fundamental aspects of existence. My concerns are similar to those of the theoretical physicist or metaphysical philosopher, but I explore my ideas through the intuitive manipulation of art materials. –Clint Fulkerson


Clint Fulkerson lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and 5 year-old daughter. He has a BFA in Metals from MassArt, but has been primarily a 2D artist since 2005. In Maine he has shown his work at Corey Daniels Gallery, Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts, Space Gallery, Stonewall Gallery at the Yarmouth History Center, the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Ocean House Gallery, Think Tank, Waterfall Arts, Susan Maasch Fine Arts, the University of Maine at Farmington, and the Portland Museum of Art. In 2014 he had a solo exhibition at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. His work is in numerous private collections, as well as the collection of MIT. He is represented in NY by The Curator Gallery. He was recently commissioned by Facebook Inc. to paint a mural in their NYC office as part of their Artist in Residence program. He is completing two murals and a sculpture this year as part of Maine’s Percent for Art program. 

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Video: The making of "Clint Fulkerson: Fluid Geometry"