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Portland Press Herald praises USM Art Gallery show — an 'excellent tool' to spark conversation

artwork by Dinora Justice

In his article, "Art review: USM exhibit should spark a conversation about Modernism," art historian Dan Kany reviewed the current exhibition at USM Art Gallery in Gorham, "Contemporary Responses to Modernism: A New England Perspective."

"There are a bunch of little things I like about this show. For example, it is hung sparsely and with a light touch: Each work has plenty of room to breathe. The art all appears courtesy of the galleries that represent the artists. This not only is a positive thing for the artists (or their estates, several are no longer living), but it gives the viewer an idea about where to find more information."

He continues, "It also makes the work more approachable; if you really wanted to buy any of these works, you probably could."

Curated by Joanna Fink, director of the Alpha Gallery in Boston, the artists selected for this exhibition engage with the past in their own contemporary language. While Modernism’s influence is widespread, the focus here is on artists based in New England, with several having ties to Maine.

"Mounted at a teaching institution, the show is an excellent tool for longer, more in-depth conversations about issues, themes and tropes of Modernism. On its own, the work is strong, interesting and appealing; it is an excellent cross-section of professional artists from New England."

Read the full review in the Portland Press Herald.

"Contemporary Responses to Modernism: A New England Perspective" is on view through December, at USM Art Gallery in Gorham.

Gallery hours:
Wednesday and Thursday: Noon-6:00 p.m.
Friday-Sunday: Noon-4:00 p.m.

Image: “Portrait 22 after Matisse’s ‘Reclining Odalisque," artwork by Dinora Justice