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Portland Press Herald reviews "Unlock'd" at USM as "sublime, sharp-witted and fun"

Unlock'd USM performance

Describing the show as "sublime absurdity," the University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre and School of Music students captured the praise of the Portland Press Herald on the opening night of "Unlock'd." The show runs through March 10 on the Gorham Campus.

"Even those who aren’t familiar with the 18th-century poet Alexander Pope have likely heard his famous quote, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” The University of Southern Maine’s Department of Theatre and School of Music are tackling the satirist with gleeful abandon for their latest collaboration, but it’s not a fool’s errand," said reviewer April Boyle.

She goes on to say that, "Director Sara Valentine and musical director Edward Reichert head up a talented cast of 18 actors and six musicians that capture the splendor and playful spirit of the musical. The primary cast shine brightly in their sublimely absurd roles."

"USM’s theater and music departments embrace the humor and exquisiteness of Carner and Gregor’s new musical, offering up a rendition that eclipses triviality."

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