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Media highlights new Mainer working to meet work and school demands

Amjambo Africa! photo

The Bangor Daily News and the website, Amjambo Africa!, profiled Somali immigrant Mohamed Awil about his journey to Maine and his work with Gateway Community Services, founded by USM alumnus Abdullahi Ali.

Awil, who has also taken classes at USM, told Amjambo Africa! that it has been difficult to work full-time while going to college.

“I have almost all my credits, and I love challenges,” he said. “That’s how I got where I am.”

“He credited USM with being a very diverse school that takes good care of students,” the website said.

According to its website, Gateway Community Services was founded in order to help improve the mental health status of people in Maine, with a specialized concentration of practice for new Mainers who have recently immigrated to the United States.