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Replay: 'The USM Update,' December 2019

The USM Update taping December 2019

In the final 2019 episode of "The USM Update,” University of Southern Maine (USM) President Glenn Cummings talks with guests about the university's out-of-this-world programming for student veterans, as well as groundbreaking experiential learning partnerships. We also wish our viewers well for this holiday season, and close out our show by showcasing two of our students who, despite their studies, find time to immerse themselves in the arts. Watch the full show now, or view each segment individually.

We would like to wish all members of the USM community a safe, happy and festive holiday season. We'll be taking a break over the winter, but hope you'll join us when we return.

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"The USM Update," December 2019


1. Supporting student veterans

First up, we welcome Lorrie Spaulding, director of Veterans Services at USM, and two students veterans — Tobias Adams (Political Science) and Mary Swanson (Psychology) — to discuss how Veterans Services helps veterans navigate life not only as college students, but as civilians.


2. Learning health care, hands-on

Next, we welcome Andrew Osheroff, director of operations at USM's Career & Employment Hub, plus Russell Phillips, manager of marketing and community engagement at Martin's Point Health Care (MPHC) to discuss the ways USM and MPHC are engaging students out of the classroom through experiential job shadow opportunities and productive internships. Allison Dellosso, a Health Management and Policy MBA student at USM, joins the discussion to talk about her experience shadowing at Martin's Point in November.


3. Leading onstage and in the classroom

Rounding out our show, we feature USM students Kallee Gallant — a triple STEM major in pure mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering — and finance major Laura Moskevich who discuss their USM experience and how it feels to be dancing leading roles in Maine State Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker," which runs through Dec. 8 at Merrill Auditorium.

About "The USM Update"

"The USM Update" is a monthly, half-hour program covering all things about the University of Southern Maine — from groundbreaking research to workforce development initiatives and more — hosted by University President Glenn Cummings during the academic year.

The "Update" is produced by the USM Office of Public Affairs in partnership with the University's Communication and Media Studies Department and several media partners in Southern, Central and Coastal Maine covering more than 40 communities with a combined population of over 400,000 people. 

New episodes air on the first Monday of each month at 8:30 p.m. on the Portland-based Portland Media Center (formerly Community Television Network/CTN5) channel 5. Viewers outside the Portland area should check their local listings.