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Replay: "The USM Update," Feb. 5, 2018

USM update filming Feb. 2017

We return in 2018 to "The USM Update" with three segments focusing on workforce development in Maine. 

First, USM President Glenn Cummings sits down with Patsy Thompson-Leavitt, assistant professor of Nursing and Nursing lecturer Ashley Korenkiewicz to talk about the need for more nurses in Maine and the ways in which USM is working to put more much-needed healthcare workers into the workforce, including junior nursing student, Gael Culver. View the segment.

We also hear from Michael Hillard and two students in his Food Studies minor — Masters in Policy, Planning and Management student Elliot Lee, and Economics undergraduate Jessica Polansky — about Maine's growing food economy. Watch now.

And finally, Cummings talks with Carlos Lück, associate professor of electrical engineering, plus two USM Engineering alumni, about the growing demand for skilled engineers in Maine and how USM's ever-expanding program can meet it. Check it out.

"The USM Update" is a monthly, half-hour program covering all things USM. New episodes air on the first Monday of each month at 8:30 p.m. on the Portland-based Portland Media Center (formerly CTN) on channel 5. USM is also excited to announce that, starting this month, distribution of "The USM Update" has been widened and the program will now be shown on 12 local access stations in Southern, Central and Coastal Maine — a range of stations covering 50 communities with a combined population of more than 463,000 people. 

"The USM Update" is produced by the USM Office of Public Affairs in partnership with the USM Communication and Media Studies Department and our media partners.

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"The USM Update," February 2018

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