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Review praises USM student actors as 'Pure fun to watch'

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Two USM theater students drew praise for their leading work in the Deertrees Theatre production of Arlene Hutton's "Last Train to Nibroc."

"The pair are pure fun to watch," Portland Press Herald reviewer April Boyle wrote of Emily Grotz and Luis Del Valle, who play May and Raleigh.

Both are theater majors at USM. And they are directed in the show by Andrew Harris, chair of the USM Department of Theatre. Harris also serves as Deertrees' artistic and executive director.

The lead actors serve the production well, Boyle said.

"Real-life chemistry seems to emanate from the two as their characters verbally spar onstage," Boyle wrote. "Grotz brings just the right amount of sanctimoniousness to her otherwise good-hearted character, and Del Valle matches her with a winsome boyishness as his character playfully chides and teases May."

The play will run until Aug. 18 at the Deertrees Theatre in Harrison. Click here for more information.

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