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Sam Matey '19 featured by The Forecaster

Portrait of Sam Matey from The Forecaster

The Forecaster newspapers has featured Class of 2019 graduate Sam Matey, who earned his bachelor’s degree in environmental science at 18 years old.

In the story by reporter Jane Vaughn, Matey talked about his choice of USM, his care for the environment and plans to journey to Madagascar, where he’ll work with researchers studying the lemur population. The story also ran in the Portland Press Herald.

“Human civilization has reached the point where we’re making fundamental changes to our planet’s major systems,” Matey said to Vaughn. “It’s now our call as a species what temperature we want the earth to be at. And I’m interested in finding ways to preserve some of the positive aspects of the natural world and finding a sustainable way for humanity to live.”

Matey, who earned summa cum laude honors at USM, said he plans to eventually return to college for a graduate degree.

Karen Wilson, an associate research professor, praised Matey’s intelligence, kindness and heart.

“The sky’s the limit for him, but he’s also very realistic about taking some time to travel and to do some internships before he moves on to his next adventure,” Wilson said to Vaughn. “He also realizes that he’s not in a rush for the next step. I’m really looking forward to where goes next because I’m sure it will be an adventure.”

Matey was also chosen as a Featured 2019 Graduate by USM.