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Sarah Butler Jessen of USM's Muskie School co-writes 'Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education'

cover of “Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education”

Sarah Butler Jessen, a faculty member at the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service, has co-authored a new book on marketing and branding in public education.

It’s titled, “Selling School: The Marketing of Public Education.”

The book, which is scheduled for release on April 20 by Teachers College Press, was co-written by Catherine DiMartino of St. John’s University.

Together, Jessen and DiMartino highlight why these practices have become important across key fields within public education, including leadership and governance, budgeting and finance, strategic initiatives, use of new technology, the role of teachers in marketing, and messaging.

The book includes a forward by Christopher Lubienski of Indiana University in Bloomington

"In this comprehensive and thoughtful analysis, DiMartino and Jessen dig deep into the rise of advertising in education (or edvertising as they call it), thoroughly investigating incentives, actors, strategies, and content,” he wrote. “They are right in their prescient discussion of the muddling of public and private models in public education through marketing."