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Seacoast Online highlights USM's Nicolas Dosman and "Requiem For My Mother"

Nicolas Dosman featured

In a recent article, Seacoast Online details the background of how USM's Nicolas Dosman, Director of Choral Studies, was introduced to the choral work "Requiem For My Mother." 

"It is early spring 2012, and Nicolás Dosman, a young choral conductor working on a doctorate in music education at Columbia University, is attending a fundraiser gala in New Jersey for the Continuo Arts Foundation."

Back in 2012, Dosman saw just a clip of what would become Stephen Edwards' full documentary about the creation of his piece “Requiem for My Mother” and its premiere in Vatican City.

"Dosman is deeply moved by the film. What he hears in it is so compelling he realizes this is music for 21st century listeners, music that can potentially invigorate a new generation of concertgoers. When the lights go up and he looks around, everyone is wiping away tears. What would it be like, he wonders, to conduct that powerful work?

Now he is finding out."

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On Saturday, April 7, 7:30 p.m., at Merill Auditorium, USM School of Music presents the Maine premiere of Stephen Edwards’ "Requiem For My Mother," a choral masterwork and grand community partnership bringing together USM students and alumni, 250 local singers, and the Southern Maine Symphony Orchestra.