Office of Public Affairs

Statement from Pres. Glenn Cummings, Oct. 4, 2018

The following is an official statement from President Glenn Cummings regarding a pulled, one-credit pop-up course on "Engaged Citizenship":

“This pop-up-course was hastily arranged, without the knowledge of the Provost or myself. It was not appropriately reviewed nor went through proper channels. 

As soon as the Provost and I were apprised of the course, we immediately pulled the one-credit offering. We also made sure that no USM monies were being used for the trip.

University policy makes it absolutely clear that our public, taxpayer funded institutions must be non-partisan in terms of political activity and institutionally impartial in all political, religious and social matters that are unrelated to our universities' core mission of education, research, and public service."

Dr. Glenn Cummings,

President, University of Southern Maine